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Alzheimer's Society launches helpline – Peace Arch News


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Alzheimer's Society launches helpline

The toll free phone line is available for dementia and their caregivers

Alshymer Society in BC has started a provincial demonstration helpline.

Tons of free phone line, unified via first link, a partner for a person living with a dementia or someone with a dementia. It is also available to the public for their memory or members who want to learn more.

"Someone is thinking or not to let anyone or all of them go to them or get closer to them or learn more about warning signs or how they get diagnosed," said Avalon Tournier, assistant and coordinator for the Alzheimer Society. At BC's South Frozen Resource Center.

"Most cholera are familiar people who want to know where to call or return, and we lead them to services that help them live with dementia and build confidence and confidence."

Southern Surrey, the so-called helpline, will also connect the White Rock residents to services offered by Alicis Society of Bish, dementia support, support groups, community resources and educational workshops.

Call the first link to the concerned concerns about dementia by calling the Diemensia Help line 1-800-936-6033 or visit the Al Jazeerker.

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