Friday , January 27 2023

AP source: Walker says to Hornets that he joins the celtics


For the last time, Cemba Walker was playing for the team in New England, he gave the championship.

Boston fans just hope that it is repeated itself.

A person familiar with the situation said on Saturday that Walker told about Charlotte Hornets' intention to sign the NBA off-season mortuary on July 6, with Celtics spoken to her. This person talked with the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. Because Walker or Hornet has not publicly disclosed any details.

The Charlotte Observer first reported that Walker reported the decision of Hornets.

Walker can meet Celtics on Sunday after 6 PM, and when he does, he probably will agree on $ 141 million, a four-year deal – which Boston can offer the most. Charlotte Walker can offer the so-called "Supermax" deal for $ 221 million in five years.

Earlier this month, Walker said that he would be willing to take the supermax figure less to help Charlotte make the router and said it would be its "first priority" hornet in the free agency. But in the reports that the offer of honors did not reach 170 million dollars, Walker clearly turned his attention elsewhere – because he said he would do it.

"I say I'll sign in again with him … if he does not work, I'm definitely ready to play somewhere else." Walker said earlier this month.

Boston happened somewhere else.

It's a natural fit on multiple layers. Celtics is brave to lose all-point point guard Cree Irving, and is now a three-time all-star in Walker to go to the starting point. And Walker played college basketball at Connecticut, less than 90 miles from Boston, and is still respectable after Hookie led the 2011 NCAA title. He beat Buten to the UK – now by the Kleidx coach Brad Stevens – in that championship game.

Warner's departure will be a big blow for hornets, which, unlike the late sign-trade-which does not seem likely – will not lose anything to their franchise player. Walker's departure comes in a few weeks after backup point guard Tony Parker, who has long been a San Antonio standout, who played with Charlotte last season, announced his retirement from the NBA.

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