Sunday , January 17 2021

Armed man arrested after downtown standoff

A police officer points to his gun and another person points to his tactics, who was armed with a big hunting knife at Wellington St. on the north of Queens Avenue in London, Ontario. On Sunday, January 6, 2019. After one and a half hours, the police assured the surrender of the man. Derek Routen / The London Free Press / Postmodia Network

The London Police arrested a man armed with a knife, who kept the officials for more than an hour.

Wellington Street was closed down between Queens Avenue and Dufferin Street after people in the corner of the loading dock were placed in the corner of London Life and requested to put a knife down.

The man was arrested at 12:45. No injuries have been reported.

Sources said that the man wanted the warrant.

Witnesses said that a person with a large knife was running at about 11:15 on the east side of Queens Avenue from a parking space west of the Office of the building. The witnesses said that some officers draw a gun with them.

The man went to Wellington and stayed in a loading dock, where he sometimes knife, smoked, talked to the cell phone and talked with the officials.

One line of officers stood at the top of the dock, some included a large plastic shield. Other officials were standing next to the duck, who helped the man to put a knife down.

Eventually, this man was about 12:45. And was taken into custody. More information is expected from the London Police today.

The police urged the people to avoid the area but did not provide any other details about the incident.

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