Friday , May 7 2021

Baby boy got safe after Minivan steals inside her: Toronto police

Two-month-old boy was found safe and sound in Miniwan, stolen on Sunday night in north of Toronto, police say.

Vehicle, Brown 2005 Toyota Siena, is also located.

Police said that minisan was stolen from the Italian Gardens Plaza in the areas of Islington and Stiles Road.

As part of the investigation, the officials searched for the area, but the police said that he was a citizen who had just discovered Minivan with the inside child.

No arrests have been made. The baby will be evaluated by the emergency medical services and the family will be returned.

Minivan was allegedly stolen, there was a heavy police presence in the nearby londromate. (Adrian Cheng / CBC)

A formal amber alert, which can issue police in cases of suspected child abduction, has not been issued, but Const. David Hopkins said on Twitter that he was supposed to.

"We hope that the thief did not know that there is a child in the car," he said before the boy was located.

"We hope they release cars and people armed with licenses and descriptions, if we meet, we will call."

Police say that he is currently thinking of theft of the vehicle as "crime of chance", and officials have contacted the child's parents.

Police said that an investigation has started, and now there are two crime scenes in which a minivan was stolen and one where it was located.

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