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Between Raj Gruel's gambling fury, questions & # 39; clear answers & # 39; questions in the libertarian organized crime deputy. Not – National

His colleague, Raj Gerval's gambling activity, did know what Liberals knew about RCMP investigation reports and when and when the Liberals knew about the issue, but there is no clear answer.

Parliamentary secretary for organized crime in an interview with Mercedes Stephenson of the West Block, said that millions of people used in gambling activities and Grewal could not answer questions about where the debt was used and knew about the blurred media reports.

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"Unfortunately, I do not have a clear answer for you," said Peter Swift.

& # 39; I know so much like most Canadians. I am hearing about this in this news, I am learning about how I accuse him as many colleagues. I do not have this place to comment on the ongoing investigation. "

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On November 23, Guevale posted on Facebook that he has decided to resign "for personal and medical reasons" that the Prime Minister's office later confirmed the gambling problem.

Shortly thereafter, reports began to emerge that RCMP is investigating gambling for gambling in the school, including the capture of Parliament from Parliament Hill during casinos traveling around the Ottawa River.

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The Prime Minister's Office acknowledged in a statement on November 23 that the officials knew that RCMP asked why Graval brought the construction company executive to visit his raid in the East of Brampton East this year.

But they raised the same question that it is the only investigation.

"We do not know the investigation by Peel Regional Police," the PMO made an offer without asking about such an investigation.

The bark regional police refused to comment.

In a statement on November 30 last night, Gawell said that all his debts were his family and friends, and there was nothing "sinful" there.

Since then, it has been removed from Liberal cocoa.

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Skeffack did not say that he should have thought that the officials should act quickly, but he said that he hopes to see the results of work done by RCMP.

However, Conservative immigration critic Michael Rampell, who joined Schifffuck for a panel discussion on the West Block, said he emphasized the need to go to the bottom of what happened to government positions.

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"I was focusing on this comment that this week the Prime Minister took note of the whole situation and commented, 'Well, I really hope Mr. Greem gets the treatment he needs.'

"I find it strange that it was a response from the Prime Minister. I hope that & # 39; I hope that Canadian people can get the answers they need. '

So far, Graal represents the ride of the East of Brampton East because he has failed to follow the proper procedure to resign.

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This means that continue to get more than $ 170,000 from taxpayers.

There is no charge against Grewal.

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