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Bitan cites M-byte more on CES and it looks great

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Button K-Bite Internal Sneak Peak

Published on January 7, 2019 |
By Nicholas Zert

January 7, 2019 By Nicholas Zürt

Biton will show the interior of its M-Bite on CES 2019. Cleantechnikica There's a company's unveiling, with interviews and scenes that look backwards.

This year, Byyen will talk about the big picture. I just closed the phone with Carton, Byetan CEO and founder, who told me: "The company is on target to meet its production by the end of 2019!"

Button K-Byte Interior Sneak Peak "width =" 950 "height =" 475 "source set =" 950w , 270w, 12 / byon-m-bit-768x384.jpg 768W, 570w, https: // c1cleantechnicacom- wpengine .netdna / files / 2018/12 / byton-m-byte-620x310.jpg 620w "size =" (max-width: 950 px) 100vw, 950px

Sometimes the design just talks with you. Button Ki-Byte does the same for me, and the M-byte will be the ideal vehicle of crowded city traffic. The company will look more on the inner part of the M-byte on CES … and it looks nice. We can not tell new what's new, but we can say that the new addition will bring more connectivity within.

In my last interview with Benoit Jacob, who wrote BMW I8 and I3, he showed how this unconventional mind wants to bring Saddan back with K-byte. Indeed, we need a better looking sedan now with a new design language. The K-byte line extends to aromatic and trimmed whole. It's an attractive looking car that is not overly aggressive and does not scream "me too." And match the interior exterior.

Button Dr. Carsten Brettfeld interview "width =" 4288 "height =" 2848 "srcset =" 4288w, https: // 270w, Byton -K-Byte-768x510.jpg 768w, 570w "Size =" (Max Width: 4288 px ) 100vw, 4288px Button Dr. Carsten Brettfeld interview "width =" 679 "height =" 481 "source set =" -K -Byte -M-Bite jpg 679w, 270w, https: //c1cleantechnicacom-wpengine.netdna-ssl Com / files / 2018/11 / byen-k-byte-m-byte-570x404.jpg 570w "size =" (max width: 679 pages) 100vw, 679px Button Dr. Carsten Brettfeld interviews "Width =" 4288 "Height =" 2848 "srcset =" 4288w, 270w, 2018 / 11 / Byitan-K-Bite-Leader-768x510.jpg 768W, -K -Byte-Lidar-570x379.jpg 570w "Size = "(Max-width: 4288 pcs) 100vw, 4288px

As mentioned above, we will see something new with an M-byte interior, a vehicle that already uses the best interior space. And extended, it is. With plenty of lag rooms and ample entertainment and connectivity to make everyone happy, EVE is on target for late production this year. We are impressed with some rides in its headquarters. People searching for the look will not be disappointed either. After all, the automotive team comes from BMW, Renault Alpine, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and more heavy hitters.

Button's power builds smart devices on wheels with high speed connectivity and industry's first Sheriff Experience display (SD), which provides many purposes. On the shores of the coast, full-dash screens allow riders to choose their favorite entertainment, and overall great digital user experience.

Button Dr. Carsten Brettfeld interview "width =" 800 "height =" 531 "source set =" 800w , 270w, 2018/11 / Byitan-K-Byte-interior -768x510.jpg 768w, -K -Byte-Interior-570x378.jpg 570w " Size = "(max-width: 800 px) 100vw, 800px Button Dr. Carsten Brettfeld interview "width =" 800 "height =" 531 "source set =" -K -Byte -Interior-3 JPG 800W, 3-270x179.jpg 270w, https: //c1cleantechnicacom-wpengine.netdna-ssl. Com / files / 2018/11 / byen-k-byte-interior-3-768 x510.jpg 768w, -K -Byte -Interior -3-570x378.jpg 570w "Size =" (max-width: 800 px) 100vw, 800px Button Dr. Carsten Brettfeld interviews "width =" 614 "height =" 529 "source set =" 614w , 270w, 2018/11 / Byitan-K-Byte-Dash-570x491.jpg 570w "Size =" (max-width: 614 px) 100vw, 614px

Button puts many resources into its AI intelligent (UI) user interface (UI). My hand gesture recognition technology has impressed me and will provide unlimited blending of digital technology and automotive design, as well as performance, a great personal mobility experience. We remain tune for interviews with his security team leader Ebay Chen.

Byeon CES Announces M-Bite Intrigue in 2019

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is not your average consumer show. It's huge. Big, super-doer big ideas! It spreads to many hotels, including the Las Vegas Convention Center. Preparing for the show is a month-long favorite of emails, invitations and integration. It's a great deal for everyone.

A decade ago, car makers decided to hit the CES floor, mixing lines between cars and electronic animal breaks. And today there's a lot of mobility startups and traditional car makers have a booth. Some of these booths pop and can run pops up to $ 20 million! The penalty is very high.

Button will use the CES to follow the user interface (UI) of the M-byte and the technology platform. Early input initially collected from initial potential clients. The last co-production event we participated shows a serious desire to hear potential buyers. Button was not ashamed that the company was raising trusts with safety, user data and its potential drivers.

LA Auto Show 2018 AV Security "width =" 800 "height =" 301 "source set =" - LA-Automobility-16-1.jpg 800w, -L- Automobilemotion 16-1-270x102 .jpg 270w, Automobileability 16-16-768x289.jpg 768W, https: / / 570W "Size =" (max width: 800 px) 100vw, 800px

Stay tuned for more on CES by Button

Booth in Button's North Hall, is # 8515 Las Vegas Convention Center Kyle Field and I'll be there. Byet is ready to show more than what the company does and what we can expect this year.

Stay tuned for updates with the final reveal of the M-byte interior

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