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Bravery: Oil cuts essential oil for Ottawa-affected province

Almonta Premier Russell Notley said during an announcement on Sunday, December 2, 2018, Edmonton announced a compulsory cut in oil production to face an estimated $ 80 million crisis in Edmonton.

Jason Fransen / Canadian Press

The problem of cutting oil production in Alberta is not a sign of the province in trouble. It is a proof of a troubled country.

The government is doing this because it is the only way to increase the price and to close the gap between Alberta Oil and West Texas Crude.

There is no other authority in this nation – there is no province and certainly not the Trudo government – one day is ready to help in the loss of $ 80 million a day. Feds call it "emergency", however there is nothing.

The government of Nottingoli reduces the production of 325,000 barrels daily, 8.7% of the total production of the total.

It will be brought in January 1st and is expected to run until the end of 2019, it will be easy to begin to eliminate stuffed storage.

This action is by its nature unclear and friction. It is an essential exercise in the inevitability – some of the world's most efficient oil producers are ordered to not produce oil.

Cutting industry players are penalized, which is a victim of emotional downfall. It operates momentum between small and large companies. Small companies are not affected.

This cut is like the ancient medical method of picking. If enough blood is removed, then the patient may probably be better.

But it is feared that almost all these cuts accept it. Keeping in mind the reality, the plan is fair and well thought out.

If it works, the government is expected to close the price gap of about $ 4 per barrel "where it would otherwise have been in relation to it."

It looks like a small impact, given that the real world difference is $ 40 higher. But $ 4 per barrel gain will also give $ 1.1 billion in government revenues a year.

Over time, other factors like buying rail cars and termination of line 3 are expected to keep the spirit difference closer. Noteworthy is focusing on diversity through new refineries.

But most Albertans know, long-term solutions complete the Trans Mountain expansion, which Ottawa has managed to buy for $ 4.5 billion, and then delayed by incompetent advice.

Only after the pipeline opens to the business – if it ever does – the shipping capability will be fully completed with the product and at the end of the US. Free Western Canadian oil from the market

United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenny

Jeff Mcintosh /

Canadian Press

Jason Kenny's United Conservatives party solidly supported the output cut, while blaming Nottlie for most of the difficulties leading up to this day. They have failed to mention that some of their ministers and legislators used to be anti-pipeline activists.

In the 1980s, this criterion has been compared with Alberta's production and shipping barriers, while the Ontario and federal government tried to make the industry pirate from Alberta.

It was very effective in preventing oil and gas in the conflict. When former premier Don Getty refused to sign a gas export permit, Ontario's head, Bill Davis, was begging for mercy on the phone.

But In those days, the fight was over, which earned money.

Today, it's also about whether or not it's about Stay there Any money

The Campaign for the Trudeau Liberals has been a wildly successful campaign to suppress the Alberta industry, much before they anticipate, effectively push the value down and reduce the investment.

Prime Minister Justin Trude delivers major address to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in Imperial Ballroom at the High Regions, Calgary on Thursday, November 22, 2018. Jim Wales / Postmodial

The nation's government has assured that all the victories go to non-oil forces. The cuts of this product also seem like a win to them.

The history of this crisis is clear.

First of all, Harper Conservatives messed up the approval of the Northern Gateway, and then Liberals completely canceled the project.

Liberals effectively killed the Energy East project by changing environmental regulations during the approval process.

The Federal Court stopped Trans Mountain on August 30, which made a specific blame on Chambee Federal Counseling.

Now, bc The giant fluid natural gas terminal at the proposed gateway port, will benefit from the terminal.


B.C. Ottawa is being sued favorably, especially in the Hogan government province, bitumen continues its efforts to control all aspects of transportation.

In nearly 40 years, Alberta deals with its deepest hazard, which is largely imposed by the Ottawa Federal Power when it closes a car plant in Ontario.

This is how Alberta works for today. Not exactly

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