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Breaking! Tesla gigfactree 3 Groundbreaking in China in just a few hours [Updated]

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Published on January 6, 2019 |
By Fascist Shahan

January 6, 2019 By Zachari Shah

We are observing the progress of Tesla Gigfactory 3 in Shanghai, China – most of the time, thanks to our friend's information Vincent Collect on twitter. Now he has the news that Tesla is preparing to undertake a groundbreaking ceremony for Gigaxterry 3 (GF3) within 7 hours.

As you can see in the tweet, Alon Musk has arrived in China for the ceremony.

As we collect more information – most often from Vincent – we will update this story.

As a reminder, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will initially be released on GF3, probably at the end of 2019. For more background on the wide battery and electric car factory, scroll through our GF3 archives.

Updates: We have a few new tweets about news from Allen:

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