Sunday , March 26 2023

Call for boycotts after actor Mulan in the reboot supports pro-democracy protesters / Hong Kong's brutal police crackdown on Boeing Boeing.


Crystal Liu is the actor who plays Mulan in Disney's live-rebounce reboot; On Weibo, she is publishing messages in support of Hong Kong police, who are brutally attacking pro-democracy protesters and cooperating with organized crime gangs.

Her Weibo messages include "I support Hong Kong police, you can beat me now" and "What a shame for Hong Kong." She is using the hashtag "#iLsoSupportHongKongPolis." In China, state media have made memes from Liu's statements and have been circulating widely.

In response, Hong Kong opposition supporters rebooted the Mulan, and. Has been called upon to boycott #BoyCoatAmulsion Is trending on multiple platforms.

The boycott was initiated by gender users, a non-negotiable forum for Reddit-style discussion in Hong Kong, which served as a data center for leader-less protest movements, with significant mobility capabilities and members / readers, across all ages and all walks of life. Keep an eye on local police posts to collect intelligence. Members of the Lehik community have organized local protests and demonstrations and launched GoFundMe for the foreign promotion of the millions-raising movement.

While the Hong Kong office is small in comparison to the office fee, the world's second-largest Chinese, the boycott organizers are hoping for international support for their campaign, and call on film-goers worldwide to "support independence and democracy."

The boycott complaints were directed not only at Liu, but also at Disney. Some Lehkag users have "endorsed violence" by hiring someone with an entertainment organization, and "have pressed people who are fighting for democracy and freedom, but also those who favor powerful authorities," writing that "Disney's image will be corrupted" "and "Disney, you can do better. "

Mullen & # 39; for the police crackdown. Hong Kong protesters are calling for a Disney boycott after Star Voice support [Karen Chu and Patrick Brzeski/Hollywood Reporter]

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