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Cash-handling machines are being upgraded to handle new $ 10 Viola Desmond bank notes

Hundreds of cash handling machines need to be upgraded across the country to handle the exclusive $ 10 bills of Canada's Vatican portrait of Voolla Desmond, a lawyer of Nova Scotia civilian lawyer, while some others are waiting for changes, they deny a special banknote.

Ensuring vending and other machines can read a new polymer note, which requires a software upgrade for each device.

Spencer Baxter, owner of Value Vending Services in Nova Scotia, said his 125 devices would not accept new bills. Upgrading them all, which they have not yet had the chance to opportunity, have spent about $ 10 on driving in different places, after driving and labor time.

"It's time and money," said Haxiffax Baxter. "Whenever they change them, we need to upgrade."

After their release in mid-November, the Canadian bank has made available financial institutions 19.6 million new notes, and about 16.9 million of them are now believed to be in circulation. Conversely, at the end of November, 10 notes of $ 158 million came in circulation, Central Bank said.

It & # 39; s not a big deal & # 39;

"With almost half a million cash handling machines in Canada for various uses, it is because they will not accept this note from the day of acceptance of this note," said bank spokeswoman Rebecca Spence. Canada "In that case, the bank's advice is: If the $ 10 note-rich cash-handling machine with a Royal Dandmunder is not accepted by the machine, use the previous regular circulation note instead."

The Montreal Transit Regional Transit Agency, Matrolinks, said that he knew that the new costs would be a problem for his Presto and other machines used to buy a ride on bus, subway and commuter trains.

Senior media manager with the transit agency, Marie Aikins said that most of the devices have already been rearranged. He said that Upgrades, the cost of doing business in a self-managed volunteer community.

She said, "Beautiful $ 10 bill is standing in its image, which has thrown the vending machine." "We have to make sure that they are all advanced. That's not a big deal, it's just a matter of meeting them."

A sample of $ 10 Canadian bank notes featuring civil rights icon Viola Desmond is found in this unexpected handout image from Bank of Canada. Thousands of cash handling machines across the country need to be upgraded to handle Canada's exclusive new $ 10 bill, which includes the Vertical portrait of Nova Scotia women rights activist Viola Desmond, while some others are also waiting for changes, they deny a special banknote. (Canada / Canadian Press)

A new bank note with a new safety facility suite appears to have been provoked more than the introduction of polymer notes 2011, which replace old cotton-paper banknotes or mild luminaries and tokens manufactured by mint in 2012. In those cases, some vending machine operators complained that they were ill for change and were forced to malicious customers and passed time and money-fixing machines which refused to recognize the new currency.

& # 39; New Software Required & # 39;

Bank of Canada said it was working with financial institutions and equipment manufacturers to reduce the impact of the new $ 10 bill on the cash handling industry. The bank said that other Canadian polymer notes keep machine-readable features and are printed on the same content.

The bank also said that in order to ensure machine preparedness, they provide test notes in advance to the equipment manufacturers.

In addition, with a gradual roll-out, the proportion of the bills has been entered into public wallet and purse and then the machine has so far been reduced. This has helped owners and operators to create breathing space to override their devices.

Ikines said, "People, like me, got my first one and I keep it." "Until that system [the bill] Most often result in circulation, it will improve. "

Chris Stegauis, chairman of the Canadian Automated Merchandising Association, said that the introduction of the Viola Desmond Bill has been found to be easier than before.

"Our bill recognitions require new software, such as a coin or bill change is expected," said Steigheus. "There is no problem with it."

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