Tuesday , January 26 2021

Charlottetown woman who lost 115 pounds is the face of the Good Life Fitness campaign. News

Charlotte T., P.E. – Two years ago New Year's Eve, when Rachel Moss decided to completely change her lifestyle and her life story, she was seen on her own videos.

The Charlottetown woman weighed 260 pounds and thought that the video was in large-screen.

Moses said, "I really do not even know myself," who lives in Toronto.

At that time, Moses decided to lose weight in his New Year's resolution.

"I have not really received anything from this heavy diet and extreme exercise and then falling down from the wagon, so when I watched the video, I just promised that I am treating myself," she said.

Now, Moz is one of the faces in the gym advertising campaign that helped him lose 115 pounds and travel to get 20 pounds of a thin muscle mass.

After a complete transformation, Moose, an aspiring actress, responded to the Calling Call of Goodlife Fitness, who was looking for real people who used her gym.

Goodlife Fitnesses chose Moose based on the video submitted for her #ChangeYourStory campaign, which aims to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle by telling people stories from real people.

This ad was filmed in June and was launched in September.

She is now professional on TV, social media, YouTube and game events.

"There are many of my friends who are sitting at home watching TV and coming forward, so they will record it and send it to me," said Moses, a hair stylist.

These ad posters and banner ads are also online at.

Rachel Moss works by doing some lungs. Moss said that going to the gym for at least five times in a week was a major factor in the weight loss.
Rachel Moss works by doing some lungs. Moss said that going to the gym for at least five times in a week was a major factor in the weight loss.

Going into the business, Moss was told that he would talk to a new Goodlife Fitness member struggling with weight loss.

When she went inside, her ex-self pictures were displayed on screen and she was a new member to talk to.

Moose cried in terms of photos, which are shown in the commercial.

"It was very shocking because I did not really see it back," Moose said. "I focus so much on moving forward and meeting my goals and then they showed me and I did not feel like me and all these memories of feeling sorry for me just finished."

Moase's contract with Goodlife was to come to an end in October but extended for an indefinite period due to the ad's success.

"I was sitting with a marketing team after a couple of weeks and they are like, & # 39; your professional is really effective because you are so risky & # 39 ;, said Mousse.

Going to gym in the success of Moose's weight loss was a key factor. She goes to Goodlife Fitness on the street, where she lives at least five times a week.

Mos has tried various types of food for years but it was never a long-term reality.

He decided to stop exercising and watching food like the enemy.

Moses said, "I want to live my remaining life and take pizza." "No food is bad and no food is limited. I will go to the gym every day and I am going to train."

Moshe said that he has stopped focusing on the ethnic aspect of weight loss and has started focusing on health benefits.

She said that she has taken care of things such as its acid reflux, cystic acne and itching knee because it has become healthy.

"I have steady little physical targets and do not see it," she said.

Moses said that there is no finish line for her work and her health trip.

"Ultimately, now I want to be able to pullups when I am 80," she said. "I should have gray hair and (to the gym) come and cut it off."

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