Friday , May 7 2021

Christians and Muslims have a prayer for abducting Italian

Hundreds of Christians and Muslims in Kilifi County made special prayers for the kidnapped Italian aid activist, Silvia Romano yesterday.

When Christians pray in various churches, Muslims gathered in Malindi in the evening to pray for Ram.

On November 20th in the Califina Chakma village, manager of African Milell Onulus was abducted from his rented house, and his future was unknown.

Heavy armed gunman shot and injured five people, including 10-year-old boys.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that ongoing negotiations are underway for Italy's release of Romance between the government and the abductors.

Local tourists joined devotees in St.Marks Anglican Church in Zakrunda.

Rev. Halda Tsuma, who chaired the service, prayed the kidnappers to show kindness to Romano and release him.

She said that Lord will call Romana's name and bring her safely into captivity. Tsuma said that Jesus would touch the heart of the abductors and release them.

"Today we are praying for Silvia so that she can be freed, we can not see it, but she is watching wherever God is there," she said.

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Jakaraanda Beach Resort, Watamu Chairman Pasquale Tirtho said that they joined the church in a special prayer to request the kidnappers to release it.

He said Romano is a young woman and she is not worthy of the pain she is passing through.

"We are appealing to kidnappers to leave Romano. It is a innocent young girl who was there to help the community in Kenya," said the Tereto.

One of the major security measures, including the KDF, Police, GSU, KWS and AP officers, has been done in this attack, in which the suspects in the forest are in confrontation with special forces to track.

Coast's regional police boss Noah Mwwanda said that officials were using drugs to monitor.

Last week, officials arrested suspected arrests including wife of one of the three wanted gunmen.

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