Monday , January 25 2021

Cops Fired, Back-Back – BC News

The police returned, returned home

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The families of two British Colombian police constables who were detained in Cuba alleged that they were declared innocent and returned home.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Mark Sims's families with the Vancouver Police and Jordan Long of the nearby Port Capital say that they have "gratitude" for returning to both men's Canadian land.

In April, the Deputy Police Complaint Commissioner of British Columbia said that arrests were made in mid March after the accusations of an Ontario teenage assault during the holidays in the same area.

The Port Capital Police Department said in a statement that one of its members was fired in November about the allegations of sexual assault by the Cuban judiciary.

The department says that the Cuban prosecution has adjourned the member's travel restriction, and on Friday it was found that the appeal was canceled and the firing was ratified.

The Vancouver Police say that he is in touch with his member who is detained in Cuba and can confirm that he is home, but he will not provide additional details.

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