Monday , May 17 2021

Curt Angle declares who he will wrestle his last match against

At Q & A on Facebook, Kurt Angle declared that he wants to wrest his final match against WWE in his favorite year and more. Here are the highlights:

On Jindar Mahal: "I love Jindar, he is a true heel and he has a great championship run. It is very valuable."

How Finn Balor could disagree with Baron Corbin, Drew McInter, and Bobby Laskley: "It's some wonderful obstacles that do not matter if you do not win any thing, because with Fin Belor in the ring, without paying attention to who is in front of you, you are sure to watch an excellent match."

Who will wrestle in his last match: "It's hard. I'm looking very talent right now. One is hard to choose [Styles] Or [Samoa] Joe or [Seth] Rollins or [Daniel] Brian Then you have Shimson and Cesaro. [Baron] Corbin [Chad] Gabel and [Jason] Jordan. I have to go with Rollins or Brian. Just because I have never wrestled them and I have eye for 5 years. "

What he learned from his wrestling career: "Take care of your body. I mistreated and ignored pain and injuries, if I do it again, then I will take care of myself. Your body is a temple."

Who will think it will be called afterwards from the NXT: "I am choosing this valvetine dream baby, she is different and she has a lot of promise. I remember meeting in the indie five years ago. It's a long way!"

How to feel his neck: "Maintaining is the key. I pull too much neck, traction, heat, snow. My neck is thinking well."

On his favorite struggle with Big Show: "I love all of them. The Big Show was always the biggest road block that I had to face, [Brock] Lesnar also, but the show was such an exciting athlete in its size. I knew that the match would be great and they were. It's a huge one and will always remember. "

His favorite year in WWE: "From the perspective of the Championship, 2000-2001 from the workshops perspective, 2001-2006 Yes, all 5 years, why? Because I was undoubtedly best in WWE during that 5 years. I do not brag, I am honest. My only problem is the neck There were injuries. "

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