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Deadly Canada Day Weekend: Man in a wheelchair between the two between West and Triple Shooting


Canada Day ended the holidays, because firing was fired in the neighborhood of Mount Dennis, in which two men were killed – which is limited to wheelchairs and severely injures the third.

The Toronto Police responded to the height of Imamet Aven, at 1:30 in the morning near Jane St. and West Rd, and on Saturday laid the foundations of dead bodies of two men who were killed in the city's 30th and 31st massacre.

After severe injuries, the third victim went to the hospital.

The superintendent of the building said that the police had been watching the good quality surveillance video in the courtyard of the complex but will not give more details.

D & # 39; Andre Lol stood behind a chain link fencing, which is at the shooting scene near the facility store and the Learning Center.

A large pool of blood in nearby sewer and at least 16 yellow police proof markers made the following parking lot where the bullets broke.

Emmett Ave. Two men were killed on the stretch. On Saturday, June 29, 2019, in the west of the city, and the Toronto Police are trying to determine that the third person who is injured in the firing with the wound is connected to a double murder. (Photo of John Henley)

Lal was attacked two years ago in the same area and could not catch his friends, emotions or tears because he saw his friends watching bleeding on the ground.

"I did not, I could not sleep at last night," he said. "It hurts, I hit nine times. I was the first in this situation."

"Do you get awards for someone's murder? Will you get trophies for killing people?" He asked rhetorical. "I lost my two friends for some reason, for some reason."

He said that he came out after the shoot and saw a wheelchair with a friend whom he had known as his, and the police working on other victims who often shot in the head.

"I think the devil is around here," said Lale. "The devil is speaking and he needs to get the hell out of the devil because people do not need it around."

55 double murder and triple shooting at Emmett Avenue. Near Jane St. and Westby Rd. Two men were killed outside at a height. On Saturday, June 2, 2019, Uber was taken to the hospital on the third day at 1:30 pm. (Jack Bold / Toronto Sun / PostMedia Network)

Chief Mark Saunders, who visited Saturday afternoon, described the shooter with a black male, about 6 feet high, muscle building and about 3 to 4 inches long, with his hair in the delightslocked.

Saunders said to the media, "Based on the gravity of what we are investigating, it is considered armed and dangerous."

People were sitting in front of the house when the gun broke out.

The main confirmation is that this was at least one and maybe a targeted shooting of the three victims.

Saunders said that the investigators of the murder have safety video and other evidence but hopefully the witnesses will come forward, especially with any video that can help in the investigation.

"Such incidents do not happen in vacuum," Saunders said that the police needed the help of the community to solve these crimes.

He also said that he understands that people are afraid to come forward, but he urges them to do so, explain the criminals depending on the fear.

"They feed the fear of the public – they motivate them," Saunders said

55 double murder and triple shooting at Emmett Avenue. Near Jane St. and Westby Rd. Two men were killed outside at a height. On Saturday, June 2, 2019, Uber was taken to the hospital on the third day at 1:30 pm. (Jack Bold / Toronto Sun / PostMedia Network)

The chieft asked public to report on anything that could be useful in the public – if someone is run by a neighbor after the crime, for example, or if he knows the person matching the suspect's description and that person suddenly changes his or her hairstyle.

Saunders said, "If the community is involved, then we have a good shot to solve it."

Double murder typically raises the number of deaths of three consecutive violent deaths, in which Johnsson Reyes, 61, died in York and 17 years old Jihadin Johnson's body was found, only hours after high school graduation was shot in the Denigig St. Housing Complex . .

Jayden Simpson

Given photo

The city's latest assassination took into account the violent Canada Day weekend in the last week, in which four were killed – three shots and one astonished – and four were wounded.

Jahvanette was shot in daylight in entertainment district near Smart, 21, aka Smoke Dog, Drake and Regent Park's rapper rapper, and Ernest Modk, 28, Uka Kobe Prime or Kosi, Queen and Peter St, near Regent Park. On June 30th.

Javanese Smart, aka Smoke Dog and Ernest Modkev, Orca Koba Prime or Coci.

A woman, who was an innocent bystander, was also injured in arrogance.

The next day, Matthew Lidder, 29, died in Denforth and Greenwood Aves. After fighting with another man on TTC bus.

Matthew Leidster

On July 1, 2018, Marcel Temme, 19, was shot dead and three men wounded near College St. and Augusta Aven.

Anyone with information about Mount Dennis's double murder has been requested to call the Hermes Unit 416-808-7400 or call crime stops anonymously to call 1-800-222-tips (8477).

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