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Disease that causes tinnability of teen crazy jordin Walker remains a mystery to doctors

15-year-old girl's doctors and parents, whose untoward illness was a mystery due to her most of the senses, which could happen to her. Recently, teenagers became permanently blind after the pressure on her eyes increased. ( Naturally dripping. | Pixby )

Smithville, Missouri's 15-year-old teenager has permanently lost sight of her sight and smell and taste, which has disappointed doctors on its mysterious illness.

Jordin Walker has been fighting a disease for a year and a half, but he has already taken most of his senses. In July 2017, when she experienced some of the symptoms, including stomach ache, that was related to colitis or colon irritation.

Losing Sensations

After that, his eyes, nose and ears started bleeding, which resulted in fragrance and taste lost his senses. Despite the horrors of being a witness, however, the results of the tests show that there is no such thing to be cautious, that their parents feel that it is just a one-time example.

However, after that things got worse afterwards and especially after the year, when she was admitted to the Kansas hospital after vomiting, diarrhea and intolerable abdominal pain. His face immediately rose, on the intensity of what horrible doctors did.

More than that, his face had to undergo an emergency surgery, doctors remove the bone on both sides to reduce inflammation. However, the pressure on his eyes was very high that Walker had lost his eye, with an average pressure of 85 mm Hg, with an average of 12 to 22 mm Hg.

Sadly, this mysterious illness claimed the rest of the walker's life. Teen, who is an editor in his school paper, and his family is raising funds by gofundam to find out the cause of the disease.

Still a mysterious illness

Goffand reads the page, "Doctors believe that blood flow was resolved in the optic nerve, causing severe damage to one nerve and completely destroying others."

Her parents used to say that the cause was still not frustrated due to the diagnosis, but doctors cared for the case were overly depressed in this case. However, they said that at least they know what it is not, the results of the tests performed on the Walker are determined by the negative consequences.

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