Wednesday , January 20 2021

Epic Games forgets to add vending machines to Fortnight's Ice Bio

David Spalinsky, who is a design lead in Epic Games, acknowledged on ACCA / R / Fortnight BR that Epic had forgotten to add Fortnight's vending machines to the ice bio.

Season 7 v7.00 The Battle Royale revived the map in one quarter, including a new ice bio with new issues such as Frosty flights, Happy Hamlet and more. Interestingly, players noted that there are no vending machines.

On the Reddets / R / Fortnightbreaker known to this apparent problem, David admitted that the team has forgotten to add vending machines to the new biom; Rather funny humor

V3.40 was added to the vending machines in the FORTUNE season 3 with the content update. These machines are essential for the overall flow of the game and the meta because the players let the business handle the weapon and other things.

It is not surprising that players reported lack of machines on the issue of new surprises. It seems that Epic Fortune was caught in the chaos of Seven 7 that this idea was entrapped in his mind.

Thank you for calling this. Yes, we forget. We will add vending machines to 7.20 in Snow Biom area

It was said that the fans of David assured that the v7.20 update will bring the vending machines to the winter area of ​​the map. Would you like to see once you add a map to this?

There is an official date and time announcement for updating V7.20. Epic Games is currently on holiday break, so expect an update after the start of the new year.

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