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Experts declare 10 best diet for 2019

"New Year, New Age" is a phrase that we have heard a lot at this moment. But if you are anything like ours, between fish and chips in the backyard in the beaches and bears, you can experience the full health and wellness overheal in mind for 2019.

But a new report that gives us the best dietary list, achieving some health goals seems something possible.

The loss of old habits, drinking alcohol or learning new skills is a popular new year's resolution, but according to a UK government poll, the most common center of weight, fitness, and dietary changes is the center.

US News and World Report consolidates a panel of experts, including nutrients and food consultants, to get food in seven categories.

According to the findings, this is the top 10.

1. Mediterranean diet

Chats around the Mediterranean diet have always been in vogue – and for good reasons. Studies have found that this path of life can be very effective.

In Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, where low-saturated fats are common, there are plenty of dietary olive oils, nuts and oily fish. This makes mono-unsaturated fats that improve heart and circulatory health.

Research shows that people participating in this diet have improved digestion, increased cognitive function, can reduce weight, that type 2 diabetes is likely to develop, and a growing belief can help to reduce the risk of depression.

Is this proof to take Donna from Mama Mia and flee to Greece?

2. DASH Diet

Less than known in the second place, but chart topping for the last eight years (and the first-time with a Med Diet in the last year), DASH diet.

Foods used in diet guides help reduce the risk of hypertension, which affects up to one in five KVs, according to Southern Cross Medical Care Society Enz.

DASH encourages certain nutrient-rich foods with high blood-deflecting properties. It means that translucent in potassium, calcium, protein and fiber which we already know: we eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy.

Diet also advises against saturated fat foods. Salt consumption is limited to 2300 mg daily, which is the recommended amount suggested by the NZ Nutrition Association.

Goodbye sweets Goodness …

3. Flaxitorian diet

The meaning of the word fractarian is to reduce – but do not keep meat and dairy quite close. Kiwi is traditionally a hunting nation and diet can use the meat whenever you want, but turn your food into more plant-based concentration. So make up on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but know that your whole world will not fall, and you'll be packed on a pound after a few times if you suddenly pack in a stick.

It makes the concept of flexible dieting a little less difficult, right?

As well as full health, diabetes, heart disease and low rates of cancer, also encourages environmental benefits.

4. Feed the mind

Mind Diet (Mediterranean Interference for Neurodigrative Delay) is a leading two dietary mashup, believed to be a special diet considered beneficial for mental health.

While the treatment for dementia has not yet been found, it is believed that all assistance for berry, green leafy vegetables, nuts, olive oil, whole grains, fish and poultry. Best part? A glass of red wine is also approved for one day.

Foods in the mind are good food in the brain, including a glass of red wine. Photo / Getty Images
Foods in the mind are good food in the brain, including a glass of red wine. Photo / Getty Images

5. Weight Watchers

Believe it or not, Oprah and its diet are still relevant. In fact, this diet comes first in the weight loss category. This plan works on the point system, every food or drink item is valued. Think of fruit and speed – 200 points of zero points (good). Individual and online guidelines also prove the success rate of this diet.

6. Mayo Clinic Eating

This approach is based around the food pyramid, advising fruits, vegetables and whole grains (they have low energy density, which means that you can consume more while using fewer calories). The clinic claims that in a fortnight, participants should lose about two to four kg of weight.

US According to the News and World Report, "Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Mayo are on Clinical Diet."

7. Volumetrics diet

This diet emphasizes its positive effect on diabetes and heart disease, while concentrating on energy density. Volumetrics consists of four groups, very low-density (non-starchy fruits and velocity; low-fat milk; soup based broth), high-density (crystals, chocolate, butter, almond and oil). Basically, the lowest category allowances are highest when you get less sanction from what you get in the highest category.

8. TLC diet

This is a nice and easy one: Therapeutic lifestyle changes are aimed at reducing cholesterol by eating healthily. According to the TLC route, this includes fruit and speed, bread, pasta and lean meat.

9. Nordic food

Another cultural one, this diet is based on the popular food in Scandinavia. Nordic diet encourages you to provide drunken on seasonal, locally sour produce: things like elk meat, rapeseed oil, langonberry, herrinas and ice cream yogurt. Do not have any idea what some of these are? In sufficient quantity, we can make sure that we can easily get our hands on the selection of fresh shot mobs, but food necessarily encourages food and fruit, food and fish (considering the trend here).

10. Pineapple Foods

Just going to the list is a unique food directly from the United States. Diet is promised by San Francisco, University of California professor, that you "feel better, live longer, lose weight and get health."

how? By avoiding fat, refined carbs and animal protein … seems easy. It is worthwhile to try as much as it is believed to be very effective in reducing the risk of heart disease.

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