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Fantasy Fair: Now in the tapington level … Right now

Andrej Vasilevskiy will give a huge challenge to his owners to deal with what the broken legs can last for six months.

The problem is, fantasy knowledge, lighting does not replace the top shelf as its number 1 goalkeeper. Luis Domening defeated Octomian by scoring a 4-3 down against Sydney's cross-pinging penguins. He lost his time in two seasons with coaches in the last two years. Vazziewsky learned about a dozen games, produced 2.89 GAA and 914 SV%.

While these seasons were 3.36 in this season, and down to eight sessions, he was likely to have lost his job. There is less on the path of potential threats behind him. Although NHL does not wish to play at the age of 27, the Koner Ingram 2016 draft is one of the 3.44 / 890 ALL numbers.

There is a trade potential. But there is a $ 2 million drop in cap space available on Capforma.Com, and Bolt does not get much better than Domino's, unless a decent scatter is ready.

Our rumors are used for 18 or more games, beat or hitch the old hatchies or borrow a page from Maple Leafs Playbook or try to score all.

♦ It was a harsh injury around the League beyond Vasileyskie. The crossby will be out for another week, if the upper body is injured, we are associated with the problems we are dealing with. The Man PK Suban (Upper Body) was injured on Tuesday night. After 10 days after the top line Winger Viktor Arvidsen, the lower body was injured in his first game after losing two months with his hand in the first game. Kevin Fiella moves to the top. In the line of riceps, kale jarnacrock receives a bump into the second line. Deck-D-man cam fowler who was undergoing surgery on Monday evening was undergoing surgery. In its orbit, damaging tissues and jaws will be at least two months.

Stanley Cup champions Tanner Pearson and Karl Hagel are not going to go to the big trade before just one. But last week they come back with the natural radar of these two wings. Deep list of new teams. Hagelin is one of the fastest scooters in NHL. This is an element in the absence of current Kings. Pierzon was one of the first 17 games ever to have a huge traffic. There is a great center too. The worst, fantasy owners should keep these two eyes.

♦ Jason Pomienville has recently been breaking down a bucket of hot water. The Mercenary Sabers switched to the right wing of Sam Rainyard and moved down to third. Paes Vivel scored 7-6-13 between October 25 and November 3. In the next three matches, one player and a minus four were eliminated. The trainer's coach Jack Isel Jeff Skinner. This is a long term because the 35 year old resident village team does not have the equation when it comes to its possibilities. Ryanhart, which has 25 goals and 50 points in the last season, won the match, but this standard still remains to justify his second number one in 2013.

Defending champion Novak Hesri was defeated by Devils' But the league and Sense teams had two dirty losses and the team planned to replace Travis Sajak.

The belief that someone else needs about the greatest faith of Maple Leafs is more dependent on Morgan Rally. But of course it's not Coach Mike Babcock's way. Playing a national record of 25 points from 20 matches, players are getting rid of each toy. 22:15.

WAIVER WATCH: Fantasy rating 5

Michelle Covv
C, wild
* *
Who among the few of us has not owned and abandoned the owner of the miniset in one of the few places? The 35-year-old, who has kept silent in 50-point seasons in 50-point seasons, has scored four points record in six games. Actually 2-8-10. He plays in that era. During this period, he got only 21% of the league matches. A player has 88 points and is the highest for 14 years.

Cody isink
C, Golden Authority
* *
Eric Hawla, Paul Stestony, has experienced an experienced specialist specialist who raised the second line between Alex Tuchu and Max Pasoroti. He said five games on Friday ended 4-2-6. He proved that four years ago, 19 goals and 40 points would be unexpected for the highest level of career.

Chris is the best
C, Senators
* *
Better with a test scene, with 16 points (14 assists) in 18 games is a good D-Dixer with good numbers. Mark Stonton and Brady Tactuschk have been scattered by the skirt of the wings. But the value of his team is enough to decide the team through Matt Duchess, the first market hub for stock.

It's not hot: the last two weeks

Mark Stone OTT
3-8-11, plus-6, 3 PPP
Max Domie Mon
4-7-11, plus-2
Joe Pavelsky SJ
6-3-9, plus-1, 9 hits
Ryan O'Reilly STL
7-1-8, plus-5
Jeff Skinner Brough
7-1-8, plus-2
Brock Nelson NYI
3-4-7, plus-2
Sam Rainheat Buff
1-6-7, plus-7
Kevin Hewis Neuro
1-6-7, plus-3, 8 hits
Pierre Luke Debbie CLB
5-2-7, plus-2, 12 PIMs
Alex to VGK
2-4-6, plus-1, 10 hits
– – – – – – –
Evgeni Malkin PIT
0-3-3, minus-3
Nathan McKinnon Colon
1-4-5, minus-2
Patrick Lane WPG
1-1-2, minus-2
Johnny Goudrew CGY
0-2-2, minus-2
Anees Kopitar LA
1-0-1, plus -1
(Saturday game not included)

This week's song

2 – MIN, v

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