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Ferreira: Damage to cowhoys loss of Sehhok in a wild-card round

It's done …

At the Seahoos Season AT & T Stadium, the Cowboys have ended in Dallas with 24-22 losses yesterday.

Under Pete Carroll, it is rarely rare that the caholes go into one place and in postcases, but the inability to run the ball while adhering to the ball run is against the cowboys.

Wall of bricks

It seemed that Chris Carson was running in the brick wall when he took part in the first half of the hand. Cowboys were determined to remove the front seven runs and they did. Seahawks just reached 73 yards against the cowboys. Carson, who ran 13 times for 20 yards in six matches, with 100 or more yards this season.

Really noisy

Many maze games for seahawks I can see the crowd from the audience box and see the important parts of the Seahawks fans who can be heard at the visiting stadium. I did not see or hear that yesterday. Seawoke fans were scattered throughout Dallas, but in most part they were the beaches of White Cowboys jersey, wrapped in white towels given to each fan.

It was also really loud. Duane Brown told me after the game that he was one of the most in the atmosphere for the game he played, and he never stood.

Old Kicker

Sebastian Janikowski was stranded in San Francisco due to warm-heat and was not physically fit and was a part of it behind.

The cowboy's radio advertiser joked about Jinnikovsky's age in the first half. When Jankowski hit his first goal, he said that the kicker was 57 years old. When Janikowski miss 57 yards and then injure himself, the radio person told you to kick 64 yards to ask someone 64-year-old or something that would hurt him. Well, the 40-year-old kicker throws the field on halftime and it can be the last impression of a long, successful career. When Janikowski was inconsistent in this season, he was often better than the worse and it was better than what Seahawks did in Blair's Volley last year.

So Sehhok will see his fourth quote in the next four seasons next year. Will they make a draft? Probably I had already scrutinized Georgia's magnificent kicker Rodrigo Blancensch, who announced that he would return to college for the senior year, so I would leave the questionnaire John Scanner. #RespectSpecs

Good Hands Locket

The ability of the Taylor Locket to make big plays and reels in some incredible catch becomes better and better. Dog Baldwin said in his postgame comments that Lockeck is the best recipient of Seattle in his opinion, in eight years. I am very much appreciated from one person who I am ever the biggest competitor to wear a seahawks uniform.


Seahawks seemed determined to install the run, but it was happening, anyone could see it.

When they decided to open it, they got success. When we return to this game, we all will wonder why they do not go to the air early or Russell runs it more. Pete Carroll said that there is a third down conversion problem. That's right, Cahokia has 2 out of 13 on conversions below the third and you can not win a playoff game at home or on the road with that percentage. For whatever reason, the first semi-aggressive series that went three and went out: Run-Run-Pass-Punt.

Russell Wilson was asked if he would have opened it sooner or not, if he wants it. He simply answered: "I want that we will win."


In December, Jere went out and DJ Flalker came out of injuries, and the playoff game of Brown, Suezy, Brittany, Flakar and Iffidi against Dallas was once again met again in a month. This was the group that Seahawks helped lead the NFL this season. But Saturday they looked out of sync. I asked Duane Brown about this game after that and he could not explain critically problem to Seehock.


Eighth eight out of the 53 Seahawks players on the roster experienced their first playoff game Saturday. When the playoffs were short, they found a good taste for postseason. The young Seahawks team in Dallas, which should have broken the fire in Belize, proved to be a lot of people in this season, winning 10 games and making playoffs.

That was exactly that

After dealing with bad knee in all seasons, we saw the best version of Wright last night. Wright was everywhere, ending with nine rivals, Bradley McDougall had more with 10 defeat.

Now the question is, will Wright come back? His contract is ongoing and he has hurt most of the season, but last night he showed that when he is healthy, he is an extraordinary player.

After the game to bring Sighs back to Wright, Bobby Wagner made a drastic campaign against his locker. Wright and Wagner are a terrible pair of sehawks for defense and it is difficult to imagine that Sihaux is not in the Wright equation going forward, as it has been an important part of this successful soccer football race.

Wright is a class act, it's always been there, and I personally see it again.

Here's what can happen: Teams will know that they got injured and could have a knee problem. They can test the free agent market, but they return with a promotional transaction in the Seehox, which can be a flexible sign-up bonus, then it provides financially for sports games. It's just a guess, and again, I'll leave that John Schneider which often makes strict choices.

Travel and TSA pre-check

This seawoke season meets me and como photographer Paul Kohenke's travel season, which is a great dude and a GPS master, he got us around London, like a professional cab driver.

Paul will tell you the first time that if you talk about anything that is $ 85 or for TSA Prache, stop the discussion. Those little green check marks on boarding pass are valuable to its weight, especially when you are 5:40 AM. Do the racing to make the flight

Here are some observations and ideas on our tour and Seahawks Road cities this year:

Denver – Stay Hydrated. That height thing is real and starts to hit me on my cut in the week. On a lighter note, if you can visit the course field for the Rockies game, do that. It's a great ball park and reminds me a lot of seafarers, as well as the stadium district is a great place to hang out.

Broncos fans are harsh and some of the best and classics in the NFL are.

Chicago It's always fun to visit Windy City, but December's December is a lot better than the cold of December.

Always get a pizza in Chicago – you have to do it. Paul and I always hit the good stuff of Lou Malnati.

Also, if you do not have a Shabba game, check out Rigleyville and take a picture with Harry Carey statue, and of course hit one of the closest shops and place a few goats on the bobil head or rygee field material.

Arizona – I really like going to Arizona for spring training The Cardinals Stadium, which is called this week, is a big house of sadness for Seattle. Super Bowl 49. Sherman and Chancellor played there their last games there. This year, Will Desley knocked down her brilliant Rookie year with knee injury and Earl Thomas and lost for the season with injury, then flipped the Seahawks Bench Bird. (Q Streisand vocals "memories"). Just some painful moments in the desert. Except some of the NFL's best stadium employees and not waiting for Chick Fill line, I'm not in a hurry to go back to Arizona for a football-related trip at any time.

London vs The Raiders

What can I do in my time and the best things I can do on a combo TV. Fans are great and really good for the London NFL games everything is different.

Too much history and plenty of things in London – I do not wait to return. One of the coolest things we did was a double-decker bus tour, in which Sehhox fans loaded on two buses. The whole thing was put together by the Seehox super fan Captain Sehok aka Wallace Watts, who has become a friend. We were passing through London, stopping all the attractions, and it was not too long before the bus and screaming fans of Sehoks became attractive. An incredible way to see an incredible city and a nice way. Also, their rail system (tube) is weird, and if I can find it, anyone can.

If and when Sehoks will send back to the lake, and they are wild because they are popular, if you can afford it, then stroll. You will not regret

Detroit – I did not return to Detroit from Super Bowl 40 and did not want to go ahead. Primarily because when we were there in 2006, about 20 huge KOMO crew traveled, it was a city that was not in good condition. Simply, no more than demolished buildings and downtown. It's not even more in the night's dinner options, but the city has improved a lot and … there are shake shake and many new restaurants in downtown, in addition Ford field is a really nice stadium. If you can combine the September Lions Seahawks game with a Tigers baseball game, it will be the best way to do it and if you have time shoot Wilson, Ontario for Moleson.

La Vie Rams

During the football season's pain, one day at home is a big deal at home. So, I and Paul decided to get one Saturday with our rider and did LA in one day. You can do it We flew from flight to LAX at 7:00, and if you ever flew in LAX, you know that getting a rental car bus is endless. Once we found our car, it was around 11:00. We went to the right side of the stadium, covered the game, made our live shot and then 11:50 p.m. Flight on Alaska. It's a long day but to get the LA home to catch the flight's home, it rises early in the morning. In one day LA is the best way to make a road game and avoid hotel expense.

Carolina – We have not made a trip this year because we have covered the Apple Cup. I like North Carolina and used to stay there. Furthermore, any travel south travel means that after dinner late at night, the game's dinner will be at Waffle House or Stack-Ann-Shek. The next year, because for whatever reason, Sehoks always play in every season in Carolina.

Santa Clara

Number one about this trip: Not to fly to San Francisco, to go to San Jose, America's best airport. Anyone who runs San Jose airport should run America, I and Jimi Kimmel, whatever I say, and I agree.

It is best to work for the media, from the stadium viewpoint. Everything is clearly laid out and there are many rooms. Despite a problem, do not be too late. Paul and I are there in our 11 cm Was working for. News after PAC 12 Title Game (Various Trips) and we got locked in. It happened in Jacksonville last year. After the PAC 12 title game, I had to call the Santa Clara police and they helped to catch the stadium person who just pushed the button and got up so that we could leave. There was no Waffle House in Santa Clara, so it was water for peanut butter crackers and night postgum snacks.


Cowboys Stadium is something to look for in person and everyone's stadium staff is incredibly nice. It's also a place that Paul and I think and will host a super bowl on a regular basis – it's huge.

Downtown Dallas was one of our best snacks of the year. We eat breakfast in all hours because the syrup makes everything better, but this game was a legitimate breakfast in the morning of the day. It was a place called Syndi's New York Daley and Restaurant. Do not miss it, and I'll suggest a French toast.

Hope everyone will enjoy the season, even though it is a short playoff run. Seahawks and Pete Coroll certainly falls into the northwestern fascination.

Now it's been football, we'll have more time all weekend. I do not know about you, but I can not wait to get stuck with my girls and kids, and in the end some stuff is done that has grown from August, and of course there is a little sleep.

Cheer for you all and go hoax

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