Sunday , January 17 2021

Fifteen part of the Flexible Video of Zeter Bomb Package Thief Funk is counterfeit

Views from the deleted part of the viral video
GIF: YouTube

Remember that a former NASA former engineer's viral video that stole and tired of stealing its packages? He created an impressive high-tech glitter bomb to reprimand the thieves and even sneaked discovery to friends so they could do the same. Well, it turns out that some video was faked by her friends. And the producer, Mark Robber, apologized for the fraud.

Yesterday Robber removed one and a half minutes from her original YouTube video, and uploaded it again – something youtube allows you to do without sacrificing the number of hits the user has collected. According to Rober, some of the people whom he gave the glitter bombs, friends or neighbors, posed the video as thieves.

"In these two cases, 'thieves' were actually aware of a person helping me," Robber said. Tweeted. "It's not clear from the footage I received from the phone that only records at a particular time. Since then, I have removed those reactions from the original video (originally 6: 26-7: 59)."

Gizmodo received an email tip that some of those stories were not added, and we looked at the confusing (yet composite) Imgur Library that dissipated the most suspicious parts. But before that tip came, we arrived at Robber, who never responded to our request for comment. And NDTV, sponsoring the original video, stopped responding after we sent the questions to a spokesman asking whether parts of the video were planned.

You can see here the part deleted from Robert's original video.

It's still an impressive discovery, and if you believe Robert, most of the videos are still legitimate. But Robber understood why people would not believe it.

Robber tweeted, "I'm really sorry about this." "Ultimately, I am responsible for the content on my channel and I should do more here. I can assure that the reactions were real when my package was taken from my house. [sic] It's a kind of shot, but I encourage you to watch the types of video produced for the last 7 years. "

"I've been particularly confused because the idea, time, money, and effort are all about preparing to make the device and I hope that this whole effort will not be 'fake'. Robber continued. "It really works in my work (like all the other things I made on my channel) and we all have code and made the information public. Again, I apologized for putting something on my channel which was misleading."

No, this is not the most powerful issue of the day. The stock market is tanking, the drones are shutting down the airport, and the defense secretary has resigned, while the resignation letter says that the US president is at risk for national security.

But it's still important to improve the record, especially to help spread the video. (We still think that despite tech cooling!) If it's just a glowing bomb. It will show you that the most suspicious eye is often true.

If it sounds very good to be true, it probably is. And everything can always be worse – all the great texts when we start a new year.


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