Saturday , June 10 2023

For The King's "Into the Deep" DLC Announced, Releases This Month


For The King has a fresh, seafaring DLC ​​entitled 'Into the Deep' coming this month, and the expansion is looking a lot like an indie tactical RPG version of Sea of ​​Thieves.

For those unacquainted with For The King, the title is a cutesy roguelike by Curve Digital and IronOak Games that released in April. The project effortlessly blended roguelike game design with tabletop elements, with optional multiplayer.

Now, IronOak Games has returned with surprising new DLC for free, taking the game's land-bound main game to sea. The trailer, embedded below, shows off a network of optional islands and naval dungeons to explore, as well as a quintessential Kraken.

The campaign itself sets the player's party against an aquatic race known as Fishfolk. A lot of focus seems to be on exploration, with the DLC offering up 9 new enemies, four new boats, as well as a litany of weapons, armor, and secondary characters.

For The King was a crowd-funded effort from 2015, reaching its funding goal without much trouble. Overall, for a free DLC, 'Into the Deep' looks to be pretty comprehensive.

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