Wednesday , January 27 2021

Ford asked to hire 300 employees according to the developer

Ford Motor Company 800 Palladium at the beginning of 2020 At the 40,000-square-foot facility, according to the developer of the building.

When talking about self-driving automobiles, the company is tapping into the national capital talent. Ford has been working on software for cars and autonomous driving vehicles from at least 2014 with the BlackBerry Limited subsidiary QNX. Both companies signed an official agreement giving details of their professional partnership in 2016.

The automotive Giant Real Estate Company will rent a space from Cominer, which has a five-storey, 100,000 square foot building. On Wednesday, the developer leaked news about Ford's intentions and said that Ford is planning to create 300 new specialized engineering jobs as a result of a new office.

The new space will be added to a business park, which is a cyclone behind the western most parking spaces at the Canadian Tire Center, which is at the intersection of Cyclone Tailor Boulevard and Palladium Drive.

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