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Fortune Patch Notes (Updated 7.10): Here's what has changed and new

Proceeding Fortnight 7.10 update on Epic Games, PC4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android. As part of this, the developer has published patch notes giving details of new additions and changes made as part of the update. The headliner is undoubtedly 14 days from the Fortnight limited-time event, which starts from 19 December and will cycle through different modes at regular intervals and provide new challenges.

This event will include two weeks of different LTMs, some of which will be new ones. The next day, the big team mode will be changed, while the small team will switch mods every day. The schedule has not been announced, but Epic says that there will be a new challenge for free every day during the event and a new free prize.

Elsewhere, this update also changes a number of weapons that work. Most significantly, heavy assault rifle reduces its direction when it is not targeted in the direction – it is now less accurate and generally used without time to use weapon locations. In addition, balloon controls have been adapted, and glider radiols have been located in the state of being available.

Other vehicles include rural vehicles to note, which now rotate on snowy surfaces (with many thanks for the cold snap of the Season 7), it is easy to pick things near the Mount Tourats, Stormwings is 50% more damaged and four Vehicle landing at o'clock. The wheels will not hurt its inner players anymore. See full patch notes for Fortnight: Below the battlefield. You can find out what's new with the creative and save the world on Epic's website and changing it.

Limited-time modes: Fortnight 14 days

  • The 14 days of the Fortnight event will show both new and returning LTMs. Big team modes switch every two days, and small team modes turn every 24 hours. Starting December 19, log daily at 9 AM AT (1400 UTC) every day, to find out what positions are available to explore. Let us know that LTM is your favorite on our social channels!

Weapons + things

  • Heavy Assault Rifle Changes:
    • The effectiveness of heavy assault rifles decreased while targeting destinations; The goal of the sight gameplay remains almost the same
      • Increase ADS accuracy bonus by 10%
      • Increase the accuracy still standing by 10%
      • Decreased Vertical Recall 6%
      • Base accuracy reduced by 30%
      • Jumping by 60% and falling when low accuracy
  • Improved Balloon Controls
    • Despite the air, the & # 39; Crouch & # 39; Balloons can be freed by pressing the keybind (previously 'jump' keybind).
    • When Balloon item is selected, players can use Alt-Fire to leave the balloon again.
  • It is available for modes, which is available at Gladiarial radiol at a height has reduced from 5000 units to 576 units.

Bug fixes

  • Improved the issue where players could choose the stereo to live dynamite.


  • Ground vehicles now slide to the snowy surface.
  • Elimination of "no-scoping" enemies with sniper rifles is now seen in the removable feed.
  • Landing on all 4 wheels with vehicles will not harm the player from within.
  • It is now easier to pick things near Mounted Burj.
  • Stormwings now gets 50% more damage than hitting objects.
    • Boosting now reduces the damage taken by 50%, previously boosting damaged all the impact.
  • Players are hurt when they are in a stroke when they are shot down to 25 to 50
    • Loss functions directly to health.
  • Stormwings will now cause further damage by destroying the structures running through them.

Bug fixes

  • Holding the movement key while confirming the acquisition will no longer continue to move the player in the direction of the key that is near them.
  • Mounted tires will not be sent under the map in a short time and then returned to their original location.
  • Various zipline fixes
    • Zipline animation will not last long for the player after the bottom of the zipline building.
    • Players should maintain proper momentum while leaking the zipline. This will fix the problem where the player receives the speed to speed up immediately after "player / rubberbanding" or leakage on the zipline.
    • Players will not lose the ability to sprint if they are on the zip line.
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to separate from zipline after seeing the animation on their heads.
    • ZipLine Pallie will no longer be in the world after removing it while the player was riding on it.
    • Determines the issue where players will muffle the map.
    • Noises and effects are added when the ziplining player smashes through the framework.
    • Impact of collision around zephyllines
  • Fixed regression with the option of "Auto pick-up vapors"


  • Added additional dates for the Explorer Pop-Up Cup and Friday NightFonate
  • Explorer Pop-Up Cup
    • Adjusted resource caps ranging from 700/500/300 to 500/500/500 for wood / stone / metal.
    • Resource benefits to remove adjustments up to 100/50/50 to 50/50/50 for wood / stone / metal.
    • We continue to make adjustments on these values ​​to find a healthy balance, please tell us your feedback!

Bug fixes

  • In the Explorer Pop-up Cup, the trumps constantly stabilized the issue.


Bug fixes

  • An issue has been resolved which prevents time trial. Challenges from the recording player expiration time.
  • Players will no longer see the message "please wait" message which blocks them from starting play games in playgrounds.


  • See distance when the GPU performance improvement is removed. This should improve the resolution on the console and in some cases the frame rate.
  • Small improvements were made to the display for potential music playback.
  • Sometimes the movement is improved when the players jump
  • Improved some glider's performance


  • Improved winter biom ambient audio
  • Quad Crasher Boost reduced the number of sounds.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed victory on mobile / switch is different from the sound effects of Royale.


  • Players can now preview preview load Cosmetics by previewing the "Preview" action on "Full Screen" by pressing the keybound.
  • Player added to the vehicle's health bar above the Shield bar.

Bug fixes

  • An issue that can be heard in the short snippet of currently equipped music item while previewing a different music item has been resolved
  • Fixed an occasional crash while watching event tiles on console.

Art + Animation

  • Zenith has her own idle animation in the lobby.
  • The lobby has its own inactive animation in Linux.
  • Call now for 15 seconds in the lobby
  • Dubbed for days with Infinity Deb's new emotional power in the lobby!


  • UI buttons updated
    • The HUD settings tab for mobile players makes the view visible.
    • More visible signs in the snow updated.
    • Moved the exit vehicle button to the new location
  • IPad Pro – 60 FPS option enabled for second generation (10.5 "and 12.9") (select in settings).
  • Enabled support for Snapdragon 710 chipsets (like; Samsung A8S, Siaomi MICE, Nokia 8.1, Oppo R17 Pro).
  • Capable of snapdragon 670 chipsets (such as Oppo R17, Vio Z3).
  • Enabled support for the Samsung A9.

Bug fixes

  • A warning has been added when the accessibility settings for zooming are enabled, which causes the tapping of the screen and the missing actions.
    • Because of this the players experience unrelated interactions.

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