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General arthritis is too small to prevent swelling in the heart


GResearchers are undergoing surgery. Rheumatoid arthritis replaced cardiovascular diseases that could help the patient to escape out of his heart attack.

In addition to developing diabetes or laboratory syndrome, researchers who have had previous heart attack or strokes are at heart, blood, blood and spontaneous spots, and reverse trauma (CIRT) of the bloodstream organs. Methotrexate is an attractive opportunity. For those who have drugs at comparatively low cost to watermic arthritis, the risk of heart disease in observation studies is low. This study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine at the American Heart Association meeting in Chicago.

Although methotroxat may shorten the return of heart disease, preventative cardiologists refute the voting confidence in a more accurate interpretation of what is called the doctrine it has rejected. This theory suggested 25 years ago by Dr. Paul Redkar of the Brigham and Women's Hospital may cause blood flow to the bloodstream – this "coronary arteries" of the "bad" cholesterol and an independent heart and the arteries that lead to oxygen-rich blood circulation.


Sidney and another random clinical trial reeder have recently conducted a study to determine if there are drugs to prevent inflammation in other diseases. Accidents occur in future accidents involving heart failure or impact. In September, the National Center for Cancernia Anti-informative Dromolysis Outcomes Study (CANTOS), Novartis Sponsored, Novartis Drug Cancomabinib, an Vaccine Monoclonal Antibody aimed at a specific immune system, 15% decrease in heart failure, strokes, or C-reactive protein in their blood People die in high-profile swelling.

The CIRT trial was stopped even before the trial was stopped. Because the Data Safety and Monitoring Board did not benefit from any kind of drugs, it would be a good idea.

In Stanford, where the CIRT trial was on the security board, a cardiologist and chairman, Dr. Because Robert Harington has disappointed the results of the Methododeside, but it is not surprising that it is contrary to the CANTOS Traals patients that their diabetes or metabolism was controlled by other drugs they adopted.

"You are sure that CIRT has tried the same process as CANTOS did," he said. "That's why CANTOS is very important, not for drugs, but more than the forwarded outlet, if we block certain infectious diseases, we can actually make a difference to the patients."

The use of CANTOS trail and cancanaanab is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for cardiovascular diseases. It accepts people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other auto-infectious diseases; Monthly vaccination is $ 200,000 per year. In the CANTOS trial, there were some serious side effects, including serious infections. In the Cortex of Cataracts of Methotrectet, some patients have liver problems and have created overeating ovaries.

In the rickshaw, canakinumab is a proof of the principle, pointing to the path to a special infobox. In this, the insulin immune monikue is the main goal of the Interline-1 Beta. The c-reactive protein is also found in this paper, and inflammation indicates the blood transfusion by finding its dose.

"I do not think we are eating this medicine perfectly until now," said Rickker. "I like CIRT's trial, like a very limited information exchange, a study has shown that reducing intersex-1 beta and CRP reduces stroke and stroke to a lesser extent, saying," If you do something that does not change that way, you will not see anything useful. "

Dr Zacarcone Center for Prevention Cardiology Associate Director Dr Jones Hopkins University Erin Donoly Omox thinks about this path.

"We have to go through a direct conduit through the IL-1B rather than target it rather than a target that is not directly a driver." "The study was conducted on Thursday," said Michael.

Michelle is now diagnosed with another generic, anti-drug anti-inflammatory drug in some strokes: Gout. Drug drugs target narcotic drugs in the same drug of interleukin-1 beta path. The trial results will be next year.

Now, vaccination cardiologists now have medications to reduce LDL cholesterol, quit smoking, exercise, regulate glucose levels, and dietary diet.

Ridker may take a new drug to a patient by 10 to 15 years, but after CIRT and CANTOS he is more optimistic.

"If you think of drug development or eventually get my patients to the point, you will know what is on the right path, you actually start to focus," he said.

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