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GIFFORD-JONES: UV cervical, kurachal a


What can i not believe? It's been discovered in 42 years since I wrote about the last ovarian cancer! In my life as a surgeon, what was my risk of this accident? What has happened to those who have discovered this disease in the last four decades?

After ovarian and uterine cervical cancer, the third most common risk factor in women's pelvic organs. But this is the most deadly pelvic marigin.

The risk of cervical cancer is dangerous. Even if the next of kin have developed the disease, it is more likely. In addition, women and children with risk are at risk. Menstruation can take place during menstruation without periods of menstruation. Some women claim genetic remnants that risk them at risk.

Epidemiological studies show that the ovarian cancer event has moved from one racial village to another. Japanese women are less likely to develop cervical cancer. This is more in Swedish women. There is another interesting difference in North America. This disease is higher than alternatives. In Africa, white men compared with black women are twice the rate of cancer cancer.

So what am I worried about as a woman's surgeon? There is no possibility of making technical disruption for surgery. It has lost the diagnosis.

Ovarian Maliancii is a silencing disease called viral disease because of good reason. For example, these cancerous women often complain about constipation, urine, soft digestive symptoms, loss of appetite, loss of body weight, stomach pain, and stomach pain. Many women who are not affected by this disease have the same weak symptoms.

Another problem is the woman's body. The ovary is hanging from the clothes of a cloth from the fallopian tubes. This means that pain relievers are easily relieved when their teeth grow. This creates a large ovary before the pain.

What is the test? Finding cervical cancer cells is a very cautious pap smear, but is rarely chosen from the ovary. CA Another verification called 125 is more reliable, but there are again diagnostic problems. Often there are high levels of CA125 for ovary and fatal women. But others will never be disturbed. Females, such as females, pelvic infections, and good levels of endometriosis, may show a high level of C125 for the addition of diagnostic difficulties. Therefore, false reports also cause other tests that cause more complexity.

Even an annual pelvic check at all times, it can not be prevented. Ovaries are the size of a walnut. If the patients are obese, or do not reach the urinary tract before the test, it may be difficult to get rid of waste disruption by waste materials. Doctors decide that ultrasound can be useful in evaluating ovaries. But it still does not reveal the early creativity.

What has happened in the last 42 years? Why is it that the ovary cancer has been written all over again? The simple answer is that there is no good news to write all these years. There has been tremendous progress in various aspects of medicine and surgery during this period. But there is a lot of barrier to researchers for cervical cancer.

After the surgical removal of the ovaries and the uterus, the combination of chemotherapy, radiation, or therapeutics is the most common treatment after diagnosis. But unfortunately the rate continues.

What, then, is the good news after 42 years? During my last visit at Harvard Medical School, I realized how finally cancer patients were cured by mice through emulsorial therapy. What's human

Several studies have been conducted in the same research done at the University of Tennessee. Women who have contracted cervical cancer will be given new expectations. Immunodeficiency is a powerful weapon in the immune system. The next step is the utilization of the full capacity of one of the biggest killers. I believe it will not be another 42 years before this happens.

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