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Golden Globes 2019: Competition in Kickoff, Canadian, in the Hollywood awards season

With a Canadian co-host, draws attention to audience preferences Black Panther And Crazy Rich Asiais, And many household nominees, Golden Globe Awards this year – Best Honors in TV and Film – Can provide a glimpse of what to expect for Oscars.

Here's what to watch here to stop the Hollywood 2019 award season.


Vice, A picture of former US vice-president Dick Cheney, leads to film nominees in six categories, including performances and performances by the best musical or comedy film, Christian Bell, Sam Rockwell and Amy Adams.

There are multiple distinguished periodical pieces competing for the best comedy or musical DearRace Races – Focused Green Book And box office successes Mary Poppins Return And Crazy Rich Asiais

Crazy Rich Asia made the leading comedy / musical film nomination as well as lead act for Concepcu Woo. (Sanja Brooko / Monkey Bruce Entertainment / Associated Press)

Crazy Rich Asiais, Mainly the Asian cast represents a big win for the community that has struggled to get meaningful parts in Hollywood, and also has nominated Best Actor Nomination for Constance Woo.

Yovan Elimen was nominated for the last time in 1974 to nominate an Asian woman in the Wuni category. Jesus Christ Superstar. Prior to her, only two other Asian actresses were nominated.

Christian Belle, Left, Dick Cheney and Amy Adams stars play as Lean Chen in Vice, who has received nominations throughout the film. (Matt Kennedy / Annapurna Pictures / Associated Press)

Hit the blockbuster Black PantheReceived Welcome Nomination for Best Play Picture. With If Bill Street can talk, These films contribute to the various slates in the series, which is primarily a black cast. Spike Lee BlackKelkensenmen Running.

A star is born And Bohemian Rhapsody, With the series of musical performances sprinkled in both films, the film also participates in the category of the movie. The decision to submit to drama category against comedy / musical is probably an intentional – these films can be considered as a more serious contender for the famous Academy Awards in February.

Music is one of the five nominees in the Star of Born Best Play Movie category filled with music. (Warner Bros.)

Black and white Alfones Kurun-directed Roma, Based on the Mexican nanny's life of his childhood, he is nominated for a Foreign Language category as well as Best Director.

No woman has got nomination for Best Director.

Limited range Giani Vrieses' assassination Earning a nomination in a four-field, leads to the TV field. Direct Objects, ThisAmericans, Good Place And Surprising Mrs. Macele There is also a TV nomination with multiple nominations.

Giani vs. Assassination: American crime story starring Edgar Ramirez, left, and Penelope Cruz received four Golden Globe nominations. (Ray Mikshaw / Fx / Associated Press)


Ottawa-born Sandra Oh, known for playing Christina Yang during the 10th season of the Hit Medical Series Granny's Anatomy, Will co-host with Brooklyn nine-nine Star Andy Semberg Both are hosted for the first time.

Sandra Oh, left, and Andy Summers will be co-hosted for Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif. On Sunday. (Willy Sungoun / Invision / Associated Press)

Unlike other Sober Globes in the past year, in which most actors chose to wear black in unity with the #Matu movement, OH said that at the beginning of this week, she would hope that this year could give more fun and "a moment of fun" to the show.


There is also a nomination for the best actress in the TV series for her role as an intelligence officer in psychiatry play. Eve murder. Categories have been nominated for Best TV Series. Oh won the Golden Globe in 2006 Granny's Anatomy She became the first Asian woman to be nominated for the lead role in the role and role of the 2018 Emmy Awards.

Born in Toronto, Stephen James, 25, is nominated for his military-thriller role in the Amazon Prime drama series Domestic Julia Roberts vs. James is also a star in the acclaimed Globe-nominated movie If Bill Street can talk.

Canadian actor Stephen James, 25, has been nominated for his role on the Amazon Prime category hockeycombing. (Paul Borkwood / CBC)

Born in Newmarket, Ontario, Jim Carre has been nominated for the TV series Joke, In which it plays the children's television host. Kare is also a winner in the past by winning the Golden Globe for Andy Kaufman's film Man on the moon.

Limited range of Montreal director Jean-Marc Velli Direct Objects There are three nominations It will be for the best limited TV series, and will also receive acting nominations. Their acclaimed series Big Little Liz Golden Globes gained dominance over the last four years.


Stages will be staged throughout the stage.

Cult Star Michael B. Jordan, La la Land Oscar winner Emma Stone, Canadian Saturday Night Live Elm is in Mike Myers, Nicole Kidman, Ben Stiller and Lady Gaga presenter. Black Panther Star Chadwick Bosman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Idris Elba and This is what we are Actress Krissy Metz is also on the list.

This year the Golden Globes presenter is from left to right: Jamie Lee Curtis, Idris Elba, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ben Stiller, Crisie Matz and Michael B. Jordan. (Hollywood Foreign Press Association / Getty Images)

Comedy Icon Carol Burnett will receive an initial award for the small screen achievement named after it. Hell or High Water Star Jeff Bridge Seychelle B for the big screen contribution Demil awards will be received.

The 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards will depart Sunday at 8 o'clock. ET / 5 PM PT and CBC News will be on the red carpet.

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