Wednesday , March 3 2021

Google's next Wire OS update is even more advanced to enhance battery life

An important update to Google's wearable Android platform has just arrived, and now we hear about the next OS X version. Google announced that the "System Edition: H" update will be included in "within the next few months."

Battery Saver mode Updates:
This battery life spreads to your battery life by turning on the battery saver to display only once when your battery falls down to 10%.

Improved off-body efficiency:
After 30 minutes of inactivity, your watch will go to a deep sleep to save battery.

Smart App for all apps.
You can now easily pick from all the apps on your watch where you left off.

Two-step power off:
Now you can easily do two faster. To turn off your watch, hold down the power button and turn the & # 39; Power Off & # 39; Or & # 39; Start & # 39; Select

Those are all great, and the battery life can make the cutting edge enhancements if they are available to watch users based on the old Snapdragon 2100 newer anti-competitors 3100 series. Keep in mind that Smart Apps can easily access the applications and go back to the app, leaving the body in the charger or abandoning the charger from your device.

Google has not stated that Google does not say that the issue is already on the issue now and that "your device will not be immediately desirable for this update and your watchmaker will determine". Fossil Announced All of its touchscreen watches will be available, but we do not yet see the word from other developers. All current and current devices will last but remain constant, but we will wait and see a new nomin program and a note that says "There may be a function of a device."

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