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He endured sexually opening & # 39; s early 1980s


Richard de Amore, CTV News Toronto

Published on Friday, November 16, 2018 6:00 PM EST

Last renovated, November 16, 2018 6:11 PM EST

The allegations of sexual abuse in Toronto Toronto School have been sexually transmitted 30 years ago. The event convinces a former student that he can endure.

9 and 10 studied at Jean-Paul Barddard School, St Michael's College.

Bedard, a Catholic and growing sports coach, said he wanted to go to a prestigious school, and most importantly, the football team was always a dream.

Many students are part of a sports team. "On Friday, Bervard told CTV News Toronto.

"When it comes to that team, you have to continue with that team."

High school sports a dream of his dreams, in order to infuse "students" as a humiliating start to new students and their classmates.

"Normally, there are four or five wall-type athletes that choose one or two kids, that's what happened to me," he said.

"My daddy was very proud of being a St. Michael's football player and I wanted him to be happy … I thought it was something that happened to me."

Bender says that he was a persecutor in his youth and sexual abuse. He refuted the incident at St Michael's College School as a youngster.

He described it as "a more crafty man than a child's cunning behavior".

He said this week while reading about the serious sexual assault allegations of St. Michael's student.

"Here I am, I'm 52 years old and now it's up to you to talk about it," he said. "I'm still starting to erventilate hyper."

The boys' private school news outlets reveal that police are investigating allegations of serious attacks involving students.

The video was shared and sexually harassed.

The parents said they found video on Monday. On Wednesday, police conducted a domestic investigation before informing the police.

Police said the media had first informed about the video.

The school did not specify what happened in the video, saying the school's behavior was "seriously violating".

An incident that was sent to City City News Toronto showed that an attacker was attacked by a substance in a locker room.

The school brought notice to the police and referred to two other incidents related to two unknown events.

Torrent policemen say, "Several incidents involving the behavioral and malicious offenses of behavior and sexual assault."

Eight students were expelled in connection with the two incidents.

"I can say it's not the specificity of St Michael's," said Berard.

"This is widespread, it has long been infected."

For years, Berard has been associated with awareness about sexual assault and awareness before his athleticism.

He came to school administrators for help, "volunteer to talk with students about the consequences of trauma and mutual respect".

He did not even hear, but expressed concern about the situation.

"I think they will be aware (in this manner of behavior), and if they do not seem to happen, they will be incredibly innocent," he said.

"When I walked in My Sen, there was a code of conduct, but something was written and your rulership was in front of this problem and interacted with them – they were two different things."

Yet, his greatest idea is with a young boy.

"For me, this story is not just about the culture of St Michael and the culture of St Michael's and the fact that they actually react to the fact that the child was born," said Burdard.

"I think the child is getting support without that support, which is the real tragedy of this story."

The Severa Bazaar of the Baby Treatment agrees, and the psychological consequences are the ending of the victims.

According to Bazar, criminals and video viewers may need support.

"As part of boys, the house of such confusion really clouds their judgment at that moment," she said.

"I firmly believe that the kids were early in the morning, and this is something we are going to do & # 39; it's such consequences.

She describes the situation as a "mood of mob".

"I think this victim will have long-term consequences … it really feels a shame," said CTV News.

"Sometimes they attend, become part of a team or like classmates … I do not know if they know what they will do."

Some parents believe that children with adult children are less likely to experience changes in their children.

Unfortunately, more often than not reported, "she said," I think boys should stand up and share. "

The idea was echoed by Bledard, & # 39; Me & # 39; as an example of sparkling conversations. Pointing to the movement.

"As a man, I know this group is mystery, and I know that the young man deals with that piglet, and other men must go in," he said.

"It's not about taking action but it's how we're going to be moving forward."

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