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Here's what Facebook knows about you

Ask the privacy advocate and Facebook commentator Mark Weinstein what kind of information the social media giant has on its users and he answers with one thing, answering a word: "everything."

It may be somewhat hyperbolic, but it's certainly fair to have many personal content in Facebook. Data collection and its sharing with other companies are being controversial.

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that Facebook has given some companies more comprehensive access to their personal data previously announced, they have allowed them to read private messages or to see friends' names without consent. One of those companies, the story was alleged, was Royal Bank of Canada.

Royal Bank of Canada disputed this report and the dispute that it had the ability to see user's private messages.

Royal Bank of Canada disputed this report and the dispute that it had the ability to see user's private messages. (Nathan Danet / Canadian Press)

Meanwhile, Facebook contended the allegations that he had allowed some companies to access Cartoon Blanc's user data. In a statement to CBC News, Facebook said that its corporate partners "do not ignore the privacy settings of the people and it is wrong to suggest that they do."

Still, the New York Times report raises questions about you, exactly, about Facebook.

Here are some answers to the basic questions about what California's California-based social media giant keeps track of:

Ok, so as a Facebook user, I think it records my basic profile information and Facebook activity. But what exactly is it involved?

It includes a little bit. At least, you have access to information provided directly on Facebook, including profile information, email address, friends and contacts

But it's more than that. Facebook has the details of their collection policies on their Help Center page under the headings: What categories of my Facebook data are available to me?? This includes:

  • Clicking ads, dates and titles.
  • All the apps you've added
  • You have conversation history on Facebook chat.
  • Email addresses have been added to your account (whatever you can delete).
  • Events you've joined or invited
  • The IP address associated with logging in to your Facebook account, dates and time

Can I find out what information I have on Facebook?

Yes On Facebook, you can download a copy of the company related data about you. Users can save the information archived on their zip file, including "About you," calls and messages, likes and reactions, payment history, search history, your locations and advertising interests, to their computer.

Has he got everything?

No Ashkal Salta, a technology expert with security, and behavioral economics, said that Facebook also has information about your behavior or "inactive activity". In this, how long do you see an online game, whether you hover over the video and what ads you see.

Logging on Facebook will allow the company to know your location. If you have installed a Facebook mobile app, the company knows your GPS GPS and you're visiting.

"So when you go to a coffee store, when you go to the stadium, the information will go to Facebook and Facebook will know that you are attending something or buying a coffee," said Saltani.

How about Facebook's my activity?

They also know it.

Benet Sifers, a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group in California, said, "They know a lot through the third party tracking networks around the rest of the internet."

If you are using the Internet on a browser or a mobile device, then you have used it before you log in to Facebook, then the company can link it to your actual account. They do this by using the invisible "pixels" – essentially a part of the code that Facebook installs on their pages to web site owners. It allows pixel Facebook to know that a Facebook user has visited that site.

So if you are not a Facebook user, you have no information about Facebook, right?

Wrong Facebook Shadow Accounts Maintains What It Is Known. This is the information that Facebook, non-Facebook users are able to collect by friends, if they use social media services from friends.

Facebook can collect information about you, even if you are not a Facebook user. (Dedo Ruuk / Reuters)

For example, if a friend, who is on Facebook, adds you to their address book, uploads your photos or tags, that information will be available on Facebook. Likewise, if your Facebook friend calls you or gives messages, their activity, including their information, will be available on Facebook.

"If you sign up for Facebook for the first time, they can link the data about you and create your account," Cyprips said.

Saltani said that Facebook can track non-Facebook user's browser exclusively through those pixels. "And that information helps him create a general profile about people who like it," he said.

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