Monday , January 18 2021

Higher levels of cocaine in the London River make fish hyperactive

Historical and famous London has come to the top of the disgrace. Recent research conducted by King's College in London suggests that the Thames is consistently found in the river in the discoverable levels of cocaine and is higher than any other region of the ocean.

Cocaine reaches people's urine through the sewage reaching the river. The treatment process does not filter cocaine, so it goes directly into the water. Also, the percentage of cocaine in the water is in high speed in the water untreated after the storm. Researchers have found that cocaine makes "hyperactive" eels and it affects the surrounding aquatic ecosystems simultaneously.

Researchers have found a microgram of cocaine per liter of one liter without blowing one liter which blows in the river. A controlled study report conducted by Italian scientists reveals that two micrograms in each liter are enough to send the ile to rage and damage their muscles. It has been said that the chemicals are made in their brains, muscles, gills and skin.

According to the sewage analysis, Londoners use more cocaine than any other European city, which is more than the tested cities. Interesting parties are calling for the upgraded water treatment methods to filter chemicals, however, it has already been brought to light that the Tidway Tunnel Seawor will prevent all garbage from reaching the river after blooming in 2023.

Experts and conservationists have declared that they are not related to this study and have alleged in the research that the level of study fluctuates and that the detectable cocaine levels are not worrying. They also said that the levels of the river are not stable and there is nowhere near the levels used in the Italian controlled study. That Thames was once heavily contaminated, but it has become one of the cleanest water bodies in Europe.

Increase in detectable cocaine levels will not be done at any time and it is not environmental concern. There is no reason to wait for the worker to save the group, it is just an indication that many Londoners want to use cocaine, and water treatment representatives need to extend their game for a short time.

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