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How Microsoft became the MVP of technology in 2018

When all the parts around Facebook (and continued to continue) were burnt, Apple was criticized for increasing the pace of value and for the slow pace of innovation, and social platforms, such as fake news and their creators like Alex Jones, walked quietly, a technology The rocket for the company's quietly conquered after the win with the highest proportion of the rocket

That company was Microsoft.

Misleading by the Windows company and Steve Ballmer, started by Bill Gates, it has developed under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella in 2014.

The origin of Microsoft is not the result of Windows 10 dominance. At the helm with Nedela, Microsoft diversified its portfolio more than its bread-and-butter operating system, expanded in lesser segments, but it is more exciting and decisive to connect our life like Claude and "Edge" computing.

Twice on enterprise and services, it was not just that Microsoft's year was so successful. In 365 days, Microsoft's standard-level computers became class-leading devices, which they always had; He embraced the iOS and Android platforms; Xbox Stretches to Become More accessible to its Hardcore Gaming Base; The open source community has been welcomed; And much more

With so many wins under its belt this year, Microsoft has soon become the world's most valued public business company.

Company transitions are always challenging, but this year Microsoft's origin really got settled. Where there was a lack of clear identification earlier – its unsuccessful attempts to break Windows into a Windows legacy and a mobile – it does now. If I pick it up, then I say that Microsoft has mixed the best of Apple and Google best. Its original DNA is both hardware and software and connectivity that connects them together.

Next Future From Windows

Windows is one of several columns of Microsoft.

Windows is one of several columns of Microsoft.

Image: Mile Gosscha / Meshell

Ballmer might force Windows to force its way into all the devices as possible, but Nadella does not clearly see things in a similar way.

Nadella probably did not have a charismatic viewpoint Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates could not be as Operation-savvy as Nurdie or Tim Cook, but he knows how to skate the whereabouts.

Nadella said at Microsoft's build developer conference this year, "the world is a computer."

The rigorous awareness that is changing from local box to computing in an intelligent service, users need access to anywhere, Microsoft has invested heavily in the cloud, AI, and connectivity.

Windows 10 is a great product and may be the main tantap of Microsoft, but computing is done on the auxur, chatbots, Microsoft 365, and "Intel Edge" (or only the same computing) where the distributed node on the network is Where the leadership is done, and the Nadella knows it.

Microsoft has allowed Microsoft to focus its attention in certain areas without anchoring Windows, and its power has allowed users like IOS and Android to provide and provide its services. Older Microsoft will oppose the stubborn defeat and refuses to bring its services to other platforms. But the new Microsoft has given us really nice apps for competitive platforms like the fantastic Outlook application for iOS.

Surface on top

Microsoft's surface devices have been killed this year.

Microsoft's surface devices have been killed this year.

Image: Ramon de Wong / Mesheb

Microsoft first launched the Surface as a ship for the unfortunate Windows RT in 2012. In the following year, Surface Pro started with full Windows 8. Unfortunately, the operating system was so miserable, it all became a device.

The 2-in-1 tablet-laptop hybrid vision was ahead of its time, which was blocked by poor execution. The form factor actually started to take until it is not upto Surface Pro 3 and 4 Grab Shaped as a systematic laptop replacement, thanks mostly to Windows 10.

Microsoft found out that it was serious in the development of the Surface brand in the family of powerful brands last year, when it unloaded Surface Pro (2017), Surface Laptop, Surface Book 2, and Surface Studio. They were good devices, but greatness fell short.

So this year is not so.

Microsoft came out swinging Harder. Surface Laptop 2 is our pick for the best laptop of the year. Surface Pro 6 does not match as a 2-in-1 laptop replacement. Surf Studio 2 is a wonderful and more powerful desktop for creative professionals if you can belittle the price.

This lineup is out of the best Microsoft. Faithful people will also enjoy headlines equipped with a new court.

There is only one pig surface go, which is sad in my opinion. However, portability or LTE is more important than power, it is absolutely right.

Microsoft has never been a strong hardware manufacturer But this year, the Surface family also occupied the top of Apple, Google, and HP.

It was mostly always felt, but the surfaces should finally take everyone's products seriously.

Xbox Expansion

Now Xbox One is more than a console.

Now Xbox One is more than a console.

Image: Adam Rosenberg / Mashable

The Xbox Brand has created years after Microsoft launched the wrong way for the purpose of positioning the console instead of the console game of wrong game Xbox Brand.

Consoles are amazing to watch because each generation is to be occupied by anyone (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) by three big ones. Rather than fighting Sony's Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch Head-On, Microsoft opened a box to a large audience.

It provides its knowledge to stand on the new feet of Xbox to apply its knowledge to PC World. Consoles get official keyboard and mouse support Microsoft has also created a special Xbox Adaptive Controller to make platforms more widespread for people with disabilities.

You can compare PlayStation 4 on Exclusive Games Xbox, but Xbox has made big movements to proceed for everyone this year.

More Developer Friendly

Buying Githahb was a way for the court developers.

Buying Githahb was a way for the court developers.

In the past era, the Microsoft Tunnel was trapped in vision. It was Windows Everywhere Or nothing.

The moment Nadella took, he made it clear that the company is not the only future for the company. He reorganized Microsoft so that it was more open, more developer-friendly. Rather than seizing windows, attracting apps and experiences to build on many platforms is a priority.

For $ 7.5 billion, open-source code and world's largest repository for projects, buying Gitanhab, Microsoft has allowed to improve weak developer relationships in failing areas such as Microsoft and Windows 8.

"Microsoft is the first developer – and joining forces with Githahb strengthens our commitment to developer freedom, openness and innovation," Nadella announced that Microsoft will acquire Githabb.

In most of all, Githahb acquisition showed the desire to adopt earlier restricted strategies and move quickly to reflect a new sign – the way Google works.

On the offense in 2019

The head of the page Panos page showed greatness in his sleeve in 2019.

The head of the page Panos page showed greatness in his sleeve in 2019.

Microsoft made in 2018 does not seem to slow down in 2019. If anything, the surface devices will only be better (and probably more affordable) and the commitment to Microsoft's AZUR Cloud and online services will be deepened. Office is set for improvement with fluent design language.

We have recently seen some of these moves. In a somewhat surprising announcement, Microsoft announced that its same browser will switch to Chromium with its own proprietary web rendering engine, the underlying technology that empowers Google Chrome "Next year or so". Microsoft made this change "Provide Better Compatibility for Each and Create a Simple Test-Matrix for Web Developers."

Although some pundits are afraid of competition, which allows Chromium's monopoly for further expansion in the web browser market, the switch will allow Microsoft to take the same on unsupported platforms like MacOS and Chrome OS. And that's a win for everyone.

Microsoft's Hololence also feels that it will get a new life in the new year. When Hololance is disappointed as a mixed reality headset for consumers, it seems Microsoft will do the same for Google Glass 2.0 as it would do for Microsoft. US For the training with the Army, 100,000 Hololance handsets indicate a $ 480 million deal on it.

By the end of 2019, rumors have already begun for the next Xbox, with the likelihood of Microsoft releasing the disc-less Xbox and subsequent releases for both the Xbox 20S and One X releases for the upcoming 2020 release. Not to mention, Project AxLoad, a Netfix-like service, is expected to be launched in 2019 to stream Xbox games on a supported device.

Nadella's seeds are planted, because this year they landed in the full chief executive seat. Looking forward, Microsoft's future looks brighter because it does not leave the ball.

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