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Hughes for the 2019 NHL draft, Cuckoo's Central Scouting Midterm Rankings

USA Hockey's National Team Development Program Under-18 Team Jack Hughes is number 1 in the mid-career character of North American sketter for the 2018 NHL draft of the NHL Central Scouting.

Central Scouting is a North American and international skater and Monday's table of moderate ranking. The 2019 draft will be held at Vancouver's Rogers Arena on June 21-22.

The 5-foot-10, 168-pound center Hugh, is currently the first skater to play for the NTDP, which is ranked no later than the North American list by Central Scouting. 1 is ranked. Eric Johnson No. of moderate and final rankings for the 2006 NHL draft Was 1. Johnson was chosen number 1 by St. Louis Blues.

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Hughes leads to NTDP with 28 points (13 goals, 43 assists) in 28 games. In 17-year-old left-arm show this season, there are 17 points (four goals, 13 assistants) in 11 games against college competition, and against college teams, there are 22 points (four goals, 18 supporters) in 16 matches against the last two seasons.

United States got four auxiliaries and plus-2 responses in four assistants to help win the silver medal in the 2019 IIFF World Junior Championships. He lost three games with an unwanted injury.

US National Junior Team General Manager John Wanibibroek said, "It can speed through neutral zones and enter at the top speed (objectionable) zone and it is really something to make decisions at that speed." "He has a unique ability to weave between the players and to see who else can not see. He has great vision and intelligence, and he is very brave, he is one of the most courageous players he has seen to go to the big players and the net in the front. She does not fear. "

Kirby Dutch (6-3, 199), at the center of Saskatoon in the Western Hockey League, is number 2 on the North American skater list. Left Shot Forward which goes on Monday 18, in Dutch 41 games leads to Saskatoon with 48 points (17 goals, 31 assists).

"[Dach] John Williams of NHL Central Scout said it is very smart on both sides of the bank. It's more than a playmaker but it shows that it can run. "

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Rounding out of the top five North American skaters is Lethbridge (WHL)'s Dylan Causes (6-3, 181); Bowman Bairam (6-0, 194) from Vancouver (WHL); And NTTP U-18 Team Center Alex Turk (5-11, 189).

Hughes and Turkot are seven out of the seven NTT players in the top seven, including top seven Wing Matthew Boldy (6-1, 187) and Center Trevor Zeigrace (6-0, 166).

No. 1 International Scatter, is the right division of Finland's top professional league league, the TPS cut is Cuckoo (6-2, 194). The 17-year-old left-handed shot left WJC in the gold medal game for Finland to win 3-2 against the United States in the third period with 1:26. In the seven matches of the tournament, he made five points (two goals, three aides) and an average of 15:10 of the time of the game.

In 29 games, TPS For 22 points (11 goals, 11 supporters).

Chicago Blackhawks Rescuers said, "I think everyone in Finland believes that the cut will select number 1 in the draft." Henry JokerJujuCucko teammate in WJC. "I know that Hughes always discusses because he's here to publish Jack Hughes a bit more, but everyone in Europe believes that Cut is moving forward in the first place."

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In the junior league of Russia, SKA is the right Wing Wassily Podclosin (6-1, 190) in the top five international scatter rounds of St. Petersburg; In the second part of Sweden, the AIC rescuers Philip Brarberg (6-3, 199); Ilia Nikolov (6-0, 190) at the center of Yaroslavl in Russia's Junior League; And resident of Brinas Victor Soderstroom (5-11, 179) in the Swedish Hockey League.

European scouts NHL director Goran Stubbe said that both Kukko and Podcollosin are excellent players but at present, Kakoko is a good player. "Cuck is more mature, bigger and stronger. In his local league, Kooka is playing a big role on a strong team in Finland's top league, and I say that there is a good difference between the two of them."

Number 1 North American Golini is NPT Spencer Knight (6-3, 197). They are followed by Peterborough's Hunter Jones (6-4, 196), Medicine Hat (WHL) Mad's Sodders (6-7, 192) and Cameron Roe of NCD (6-2, 201) in the Ontario Hockey League.

"Knight has many similar qualities Carry price (Montreal Canadiens) in their draft year, "said El Jensen of NHL Central Scouting." In those years I have been one of the best golie prospects I've ever seen. It is silent, fuzzy and has a size. She is smart and her spirit is very good. "

17th year old US At the All-American Prospects Game in Hockey, on September 19, for the team Jamie Langbrenner, 13-12 shots of Ice Time were closed at 29:52. Dedicated to Boston College in 1901, it was 14-2 -0 with a score of 2.42 goals-average and 9 percent of this season to save percentage of 18 games.

Ryazan No. 2 in Russia's Junior League 1 International goalkeeper is Piotr Koketkov (6-3, 205). The 19-year-old player was above the 4-1-0 average of 1.45 goals, and won a bronze medal in the 953 WGC, which would have saved five percent against Russia.

"Kokeshakov is late," said Stubb. "It's a great fall with Ryanza in the heroes and it was solid for Russia in the World Junior Tournament."

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