Thursday , January 21 2021

If Bohemian Rhapsody had everything about sex, no one would see it & # 39;

YOAADA has sold 300 million records, has played around 250,000 fans and is not expected to be overwhelmed by the person who is in the world's largest rock band for almost half a century. But you did not talk about what Brian Mann did on the New Year's day.

Queen guitarist USA was in the NASA control center in Maryland, last week when the first green granulated picture of a rock was created by the Space Agency's New Horizons Craft on the coast of the solar system. Located 4 billion miles away from the Earth, Ultima Thule was compared with an incomplete snowman or peanut. And it blows my mind.

"It was astonishing 48 hours, fun and fun," he says. "It's almost unparalleled like a technological feat ….

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