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In the Crisis, & # 39; Safe Supply & # 39; for Vancouver Drug Users. Looks at the leading

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Some of these substances are Sarah Blight and Overdose Prevention Society when they test street drugs brought by the users every week in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

In these days it is very rare, as stated in Blith, to find any tests pure heroin. People are using contaminated drugs with precarious substances, so both Brith and others – including both Vancouver's current and previous mayor, have emphasized the need for safe supply of medicines.

In view of the Mayor's Overdose Emergency Task Force report, a special meeting was held on Thursday in Vancouver City Council, in which more than one person was killed every year in the Vancouver city of Maharashtra, which included 23 recommendations for taking action on the pest. Despite the first responders and many "brave" attempts of the community, the mayor Kennedy Stewart said on Thursday that numbers this year appear on the track for the same mortality rate.

In Thursday's early commentary, Stewart mentioned the history of Vancouver's progressive drug policy.

Stuart said, "We have not only been directed to take the darkest steps to help our neighbors in the city, province, country and in many cases".

That includes 15 years ago, the opening of North America's first inspection injection site, and often involving steps to reduce other damage in response to a previous reaction to increased death of heroin overdose. After one year of opening Vancouver's inspection injection site in 2003, The number of lethal overdoses in the city was halved at its top level a decade ago, and it continued Around that level for a decade

What has changed in recent years, however, large-scale death has increased around BC, which is the introduction of powerful and deadly synthetic opioids, such as Fantanel, which is BC. Coroner's Service Data Show has soared four times since 2014.

B.C. Coroner's service shows that dramatic increase in the death of illegal drugs in BC. In recent years, most of the toxic oxygen is due to phenantell.

B.C. Coroners Service /


Struck by the task force One of Stewart's first activities, taking over the office last month, includes first responders such as OverOf Prevention Society, Local First Nations and Drug Users, Medical Experts, and Peer Support Workers.

B.C. Their recommendation has been recommended in other matters to city employees to find a place near or near the Downtown Eastside for a low-powered Opioid Dispensal Pilot project powered by. Disease Control Center

B.C. Mark Tyndale, executive director of the Center for Disease Control, did not address the Thursday Thursday, but speaking out of Council Chambers, explained that space, initially, a "Clinical space where we can evaluate and enroll people "for a less restrictive disruption program for pharmaceutical operaids.

Tindal plans to plan, he explained, is different from Vancouver 's Crustown Clinic, North America's first clinical program offers permanent-painkiller hydromophones to medical-grade heroin and drug users.

"Crosstown model is a very medical model," said Timdle. "This is trying to frame as a public health model, where we are facing poison pandemics, and people need quick access to alternative options."

The direction of Vancouver can now take the city into the international cutting edge of the drug policy, Tindall said.

"We can learn a lot from many jurisdictions, but we are on the cutting edge of the phenomenal epidemic," Tindall said. "I have gone to European countries, I definitely support a Portuguese model of decriminalization, but they have never faced this before, they have never stopped their full illegal drug supply. In the last three or four years, it has happened to us. So, we need a very different approach. In the world, I am not aware anywhere, they advocate access to pharmaceutical and drug-resistant drugs. "

PHS Coco Coulerton, senior manager of Community Services Society's programs also announced to the council that her organization is launching a pilot program in early January, where a 50 person group can easily access a pharmaceutical-grade painkiller like Hydromophones, Morphine.

The availability of therapy will become a crucial part of prescription opioids Program, said Clabberson. "This is not just a safe supply; We have to talk about other options for the people. It is not good to keep people in this prison often in reverse-reverse-repetition."

Eleven people signed on Thursday to address the issue, including firefighters and drug users. The most unfortunate statements have come from people who have caused excess damage to loved ones.

Deb Bailey urged the Council to go ahead with the recommendations of the task force and said that she "gives two really good reasons."

The first reason was Bailey's own daughter Ola, who told her parents on December 22, 2015 that she is going to Christmas shopping At the Pacific Center.

But two days later, the police officers arrived at Bailey's door, saying, "And so on, I and my husband landed in Morgan on Christmas Eve."

Ola Bailey was 21 when she suffered the fifth and final overdose. The person who was using medicines with Ola had left her in the CD of the Downtown Eastside SR, dead or distressed, and stole her backpack, her phone and her Christmas shopping.

Bailey said, "I really hate the fact that Ola died alone and was far from the family who loved him in bits." "He was my best friend, and I remember him."

Bailey said for another reason to request action on Thursday, that there was an old 23-year-old Bradley, who died last month after being shot, whom he believed as Zainks, but actually included Fantanel.

Bailey met Bradley's mother early this week, she said that she slept with her son's ashes.

Bailey said, "You can get that Macbrerer." "But I can get it quite."

"Vancouver is certainly the most important center for this crisis in Canada, and I believe the Mayor's recommendations have put us on the road to becoming a lighthouse for Canada," Bailey said. "It will be long and difficult, but it will be a way out of death and darkness."

On the evening of Thursday evening, the committee finished listening to the speakers and continued to discuss the amendments in the recommendations.

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