Saturday , February 4 2023

Lisa Vanderpump made Kentucky for everyone after Jacques Taylor and Brittany Kate's wedding!


Good luck or thank you Lisa Vanderpump It makes Kentucky time for big reality TV marriages!

This Wonderpump rules Star returned home with the sudden, unexpected death of his mother, in the last week of the United Kingdom associated with it, but surprisingly, she was able to return it to the small town Kentucky yesterday. Between Saturday's nuptials celebrate Jax Tyler And Brittany Kartites! Bittersweet … but good news!

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The mother of the bride, Sherry CartwrightBroke news Instagram Friday, Friday, with a post posted by Lisa and her husband, CanIn Kentucky, home is ready for and down VPR Century wedding!

Check it out (below):


Apparently, 58-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star is mourning the sudden and unexpected death of his own mother, Jean, And he left everything to return to the United Kingdom to care for his family's affairs a week ago.

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According to sources, even in states with Wonderpump for tender-cartel marriage, she is still working on her mother's funeral plans and working back to the lake. Source revealed People (Below):

"[Lisa] Still, she is planning a funeral of her mom and the UK Find out her travel plans for She is trying to stay strong for her family. "

There is no doubt that Lisa must have these difficult and weights of weights, and perfect art, the full role surrounding the popular reality TV show. It is surprising that she is in Kentucky for her wedding, however, a few days earlier, the cartoonist did not expect Lisa to appear due to her mother's passing. Due to Lisa's expected absence, Jacques and Brittany booked another marriage office.

And yet, we are here – a very nice, meaningful addition to a wedding party, even if it comes with an unexpected surprise.

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A lovely young couple celebrated their rehearsal dinner on Thursday evening in Versailles, Kentucky; As expected, Wonderpump rules Co-stars were also in the tow, but: Stacey Shroder, Lala Kent, Christine Dot, Scheana Mary, Katie Maloney-Schwartz, Tom Endowment, And Tom Schwartz There were all there to celebrate the wonderful event!

So great !!!


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