Friday , January 22 2021

Man, 51, broke through the accused vehicle charged after plywood sheet

Last week, a 51-year-old man accused the police after passing the windshield of the car on Highway 410 in Brampton and after unprotected plywood sheet on his vehicle.

The incident happened on the night of January 2, Queen St E. Police were on the highway near the police. Initially it was said that a man and a woman were in the car, but now there were three women in the vehicle.

He was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, but OPP SGT Kerry Schmitt said that "it can be worse."

Suspicious driver left the scene, said OPPa, but witnesses informed the license plate number of the police.

The suspect under the Highway Traffic Act was arrested on the charge of "unsafe load".

Ilia Banners is a Breaking News Reporter working from Talking Star's Radio Room in Talking Toronto. Follow it on Twitter: @ ilyaoverseas

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