Friday , May 7 2021

Manitoba experiences a pinch of potato shortage

Potato problems in Manitoba and countryside can cause starchy strains to stabilize dinner staples.

Canto's second largest potato manufacturer, in Manitoba, has unkown thousands of acres of land with a bad crop.

Dan Savitzky is with the Keystone Potato Producers Association, which looks after the processed potatoes in Manitoba.

Sawatzky estimates are eight percent crop loss.

It is partly due to rains, which has prevented the farmers from extracting the potatoes from the ground and drip from the usual summer. Potatoes require a lot of water when they are growing.

He said there is a similar shortage in Wisconsin and Canada's largest producer, Prince Edward Island.

To improve it, Manitoba derives potato and potato chips from other parts of the Americas and from other provinces to make French fries.

Svatsky said, "We are bringing some potatoes from Alberta to operate our processing plant".

In the nearby southern potato farm at Winkler, on an annual basis, 2,000 acres of potatoes are increased, irrigation has helped to make land good crops on some land, but other parts which did not use the technology are found below average average potatoes.

Owner Keith Kuhl said, "With the adoption and technological changes in farming, we are making average crops with an average average rainfall."

In Winnipeg, the Wicks Fert Market itself is a favorite of good quality local products. Owner Scott Schrimer says there is still potatoes in the collection.

They will keep track of what happens, but they do not believe that Spud's price will increase soon.

"There is no effect on the prices in the near term. I think if any changes have occurred, you will not see it until March," said Schreer.

Many manufacturers now expect more than average snowfall to re-fill the irrigation reservoirs in the dry weather next year.

Keystone Potato Producers' Association said that approximately 64,000 acres of land is used for the growth of potato in Manitoba. Two-thirds of them are used for processing.

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