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Maple Leafs at San Jose have broken five game players


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Maple Leaf succeeded with San Jose's shuttle 5-3 on California Road. Night by two goal goals KaspersburySania defeated five-time defending champions Toronto by four runs in the Toronto Tennis Championships. Frederick Anderson. In the season the leaves move up to 13-6-0.


Kapan is working again

Kaspersbury In November, Leafs rolled into San Jose but did not achieve the goal. But in a time Winger recovered his scoring touch and tricked the scope of seven game goals. Both teams were four times four sides Patrick Merlue On the one hand in the area of ​​Shark's use of the cross-ice pass, twice on a single occasion, for explanations. Martin Jones. In the eighth season of the season, he scored the first goal after joining Marloye on the second line of the league. Naseem Kadri In his old line Austin MathewsThe surgery will be carried out on October 27.

In a short time NHL career, Kapantey became old enough to utilize good speed and perspectives to build up the possibilities of the finger, but he did not stop at such a chance. This is in the second frame. In the short test of Mid-Marker, Kapan made a 4-3 lead in the semi-final.

Kapensen missed out on his second two goals in the semi-finals of the league. On October 15, after a pair of Los Angeles Kings were over, the crowd ended on Thursday, but Johnson's hat-trick in the third season saw Kaplan win.

He tried to score for Tarantong from Sharjah. With his speed the Kaplan sharked off the rest, footsteps, uncontrolled icing, began to open Leaf in a small quantity. 20:06 He finished four shots at duck at the time.

First win (San José)

From the start of NHL career in the 2013-14 season, Frederick Anderson The competition on San Jose's road is on Thursday. In 2013-16, Shakhqas lost five games with ahoyaim ducks. In the first phase of their new competition, the Sharks again made their building and Anderson was successful. In the end, he won in 42 seasons and season. 933 saving.

Nightmunders are not allowed for two goals in the past eight years, and a hotbed for the night. In the early days, Anderson scored three goals for the sharks – the first Kevin Labang Anderson was a bad mistake, and then again Joe Pawlsky At the time of play power between 5 and 3, then Marc Edouard Vlasic It 's a great day. But in the second, Leeds took out 3-2 and Anderson again settled down.

In the second frame, Toroncon maintained the second place, while San Jose occupied the 64th place with third position. But Anderson drew attention to his surroundings.

Anders Marsh was the best midfielder in the Blue line in Sharjah. In the third tournament of the tournament, Jones placed in the tournament. NHL earned a smile from the more reserved netmer, which leads to 11 wins.

I'm going to Stryker

In the last eight games for Leafs, in the absence of Matthew, John Tavres Becoming the most stable run out of the team. Tuesday was a three point game in Los Angeles that was slow. Five ballons were injured after Leaf's first power play.

Towards point, which started in November, scored 10 points (five goals and five assists) towers.

The center that last year sharks over the free agent for last summer has made a lot of success against San Jose. 12 hours before the meeting with the sharks at the Sharjah Towers to score 16 points and 12 assists. His coming with Marnor Zuck Hayman A team has taken the best 58 percent.

Success in deep

Scoring diving is not a breach for all season, but in recent competitions the team's third and fourth wins are the factors that contribute significantly. On Thursday, Mike Babcock was the third unit of the Leaf Par Lindholm, Connor Brown And Andrews Johnson "It was a good performance" with six shots in a goal (but zero points) Josh Livio, Taylor and so on And Frederick Gautier They both performed well in the scoring and scoring positions.

The 12th game is looking at the drought (in drought in eight game points), especially Levi, especially Zoe José, and he helped. In the second period, the two got an opportunity to get to the line. Where there was TNS to Tap Pass, Envis Food Livoy, in Top10 Shelfon, Johnson. Gautier also got such an opportunity this season.

The second goal of the year is Levi's and the primary force, but it may be the sign of more violent production. A fourth line was not a good landing place for the winger, like Skivanging, Livio. But when he and his classmates developed solid waste, each of their games progressed steadily. Reap some of that reward.

In the match against the sharks, the fourth line played well. After Levi's second goal in the second, he was out of favor with Anwis, but Jones was out there for this time. Leo and Nani scored the goal.

Marleau expedite militia

With the support of Kaplan's goals, he has not only noticed his first point to play in 19 matches in San Jose but will get at least one point against all 31 NHL clubs in the 39-year-old.

Blue and white trending

Track Leafs Trends

Leafs are the lowest in NHL in this season during the 19 season, an average of 6.41 penalty minutes.

Next game

On Friday, Toronto's four-game road continues to take off.

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