Saturday , January 16 2021

Mark Robber: Some of YouTube's shiny bomb videos have been unwanted indefinitely

It is one of the year's viral videos, but its elements are undesirable.

It is the entry of NASA's former engineer Mark Rober, who created the glitter bomb package after the explosion of the next pork.

YouTube's sensation has more than 4 million views, but three days after the posting, Robber said that the elements of the epic section of the video did not seem to be that.

Most of the video focuses on robor making the package, but the payouts come to an end, while they secretly record in action in the hands of thieves.

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In a statement published on Twitter, Robber said that not all victims of the package were real thieves.

A friend's friend offered to place a package on their porch, and in return, Rober paid them to successfully recover the device. It turns out that Robert's introduction was stuck in some friends to steal the box, and two of these fake participants had made the final cut of the video.

Robber said "In both of these cases he (and afterwards I have confirmed), 'Thieves' was actually aware of my helping person, and then he has cut them off from the video.

"I'm really sorry about this," he added. "I am responsible for the content on my channel and I should have done more here. I can assure that the reactions were real when my package was taken from my house, by saying that, I know that my credibility is shot."

You can read Mark Robber's full statement here:

Here is the edited version of its viral video:

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