Friday , January 27 2023

Microsoft: Pirated Playing Hollow: Reaching Beta Can Ban You Forever


Halo: A few days ago, thousands of people reached Beta in less time, but they could not stop being leaked. Pirated versions can be found on the Internet, which allows anyone to play a game selection. Microsoft reports this problem and promises to break the offenders.

Today, 343 Industries Tyler Davis's Community Support and Engagement Coordinator said that people who bite pirated beta will be banned. David adds, "If you download or run this illegal copy, we have the right to ban all associated accounts and remove them from current or future … programs." Beta only includes one mission and it is currently only testing for distribution methods.

If your account is restricted, it means that you also lose access to all your digital purchases. Many gamers use the same account for Xbox One and Microsoft Store on Windows 10, so the ban can be quite devastating. Hopefully, defeating this game will keep in mind.

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