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MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.11.8: Google Pixel 3 Miles Mix 2 S,


Google's latest smartphone series Google's Nightsight Mode, Google Pixel 3 and Picdu3 XLL can be used to improve the quality of photography. After launching, many developers are working on providing features to other non-pixel devices that are successful in many situations. & # 39; OnePlus & # 39; s latest device, recently released. & # 39; Night & # 39; This smartphone is made using the mode. The company rolled out the Mode to OnePlus 6 with a software update and its own smartphone manufacturer & # 39; Night Mode & # 39; Seems to be working.

Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi has his own & # 39; night mode & # 39; As has been checked, there are reports to improve the quality of images that are brought to light. The new MIU 2S's new Mi5 10S beta ROM Versions 8.11.8 comes in the company. This new release offers many bug fixes in night mode.

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Some of the bugs that have been corrected in this version do not work with Poco F1 devices, the Safety app will not appear in the Security app, and the digital message on pending updates showing in the system app updater is missing, but updates are not visible and the notification shad is empty.

The company seems to be working hard to make updates to the devices using the fast and beta updates of the best devices. This information is then 10 to 20 more devices since Xiaomi revealed that the default version of its MIUI is down.

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