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Mixed signs of bank stock bargains, Apple's dive and markets: What you need to know to invest this week

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The shares of Canadian bank have rarely seen this enticing

David Burman writes that adding Canadian banks to a long list of frustrating returns in 2018. But some exciting developments have arisen: Valuation is low and dividend yield has increased by 4.6% on average, which now draws attention to better buying opportunities. According to research by RBC Dominin Securities, the nine-fold trade in the big six trades is approximately a profit of 2019. It's a 10-year average price-to-earnings ratio close to 11.1. CIBC, the most hard-hit bank stock in 2018, makes an estimated profit of only eight times.

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Apple, Afria and more stars and dogs who invest for weeks

Investors knew that Apple's first quarter guidance would be bad – but this is not bad, writes John Henzl. China ignores lower iPhone sales in China, where the slow economy is damaging the demand, the technology company will have $ 84 billion in revenues for the quarter ended December 29, compared to $ 88.3 billion a year ago and less than Apple's earlier guidance. At least $ 89 million. If it is a consolation, Warren Buffett – whose Apple stake has fallen from Thursday to $ 4 billion in sales – he loses more money than you.

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Sell! No, wait, buy! Here's how to navigate conflicting signals sending markets in slums

Ian McGuinen writes that you can call two exciting stories about today's stock market. Both are very enlightened. Unfortunately, they totally disagree. The bullish story focuses on strong economic reading, such as the number of strong jobs registered in Canada and Friday in the United States. Bulls argues that after the cruel decline in the past few months, the value of the shares is valuable if the cheap is not cheap. In contrast, the description of the downward trend gradually leads to a general trend towards economic development. According to this line of thinking, the price of shares continues to fall, because corporate earnings come back with historical trends. Explaining competitive stories about investors who are absurd by the sudden change, they can simplify their worries by understanding the market's whereabouts.

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Three trends that will affect Canadian investors in 2019

In the next 12 months, three big trends will emerge, which will not affect the Canadian markets, but people will create their own portfolio and write for McKenzie Investments President and CEO Barry McInnern, in a way that will invest for their futures. These trends will allow Canadian investors to create more diversified, pension-like portfolios, which can withstand the expected market volatility. Here's what investors should pay attention to in 2019.

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Wall Street Street economist says the global economic growth is in the & # 39; Free fall & # 39; Warning because investors face a much more difficult road ahead.

A new reading on the state of Global Manufacturing has increased the fear of economic slowdown, while some promising strategists warn investors in a more difficult market position in the coming months, Scott Barlow writes. Merrill Lynch strategist Ajay Singh Kapoor recently wrote that "Global [economic] Development is now widespread, deep and in a recession, "I believe that creating market conditions, betting on commodity sectors and beyond, will betray life." JP Morgan's Global Manufacturing PMI, which was published on Wednesday morning, appeared on Wednesday to support the point of view. The chart shows the importance of the recent downtait, the JP Morgan Global Manufacturing Index and Enediyana global mining and metals while showing a close relationship between the growth of profits earmarked for stocks. Read more here.

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S & G GSCI Industrial Metals

Index (Yue% Chang.)

JP Morgan Global

Mftg. PMI (Yue% Chang.)

John Sopinski / The Globe and Mail

Source: Scott Barlow; Bloomberg

JP Morgan Global

Mftg. PMI (Yue% Chang.)

S & G GSCI Industrial

Metals Index (Yue% Chang)

John Sopinski / The Globe and Mail

Source: Scott Barlow; Bloomberg

JP Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI

(Yay% Chang.)

S & G GSCI Industrial Metals Index

(Yay% Chang.)

John Sopinski / Globe and Mail, Source: Scott Barlow; Bloomberg

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What investors need to know next week

Bank of Canada announces its next schedule on Wednesday and expects to keep the bank rate constant. The latest earnings reports from T-Mobile, Bed Bath and Beyond, Constellation Brands, Lenner, MTY Food Group, Cojko, Delta Air Lines, Postmodiala, Sears Holdings, Africa and Corus are also coming this week. Economic data on tape is included: In Canada's December EVE purchase manager's index, the customer confidence index of the conference board and the US. November factory orders (Monday, but later partial government shutdown may be delayed); Canadian merchandise trade deficit for November (Tuesday) and US Customer credit; Canadian Housing starts for December (Wednesday); Canadian Building Permits and New Home Price Index for November (Thursday); And US for December (Friday) Inflation Statistics

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