Tuesday , January 19 2021

Myron Thompson dies after decades of conservative Stalwart in Alberta politics

Myron Thompson, who has served in municipal and federal politics in Alberta for decades, has died.

According to his home page of 82-year-old Sunday Roundup, late last year, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer was diagnosed.

He was MP for 14 years, the first non-permanent reformist party and later on the Conservatives Party's Wild Rose Ride.

In the 1970s, he was the mayor and municipality of Sunder, who returned to his parliament after his tenure until his retirement in 2017.

Politicians sympathize with social media with Thompson's family and wife Dot

"It was a privilege to serve with Mayor in Parliament." The true character will miss Maireon deeply, "Alberta UCP leader Jason Kenney wrote.

From the Yankees trial to the House of Commons

Jeremy Thompson said that her grandfather lives a perfect life. She was born in Colorado and US. Before serving in the military, New York Yankees tried to be a catcher. He was also a wrestler who worked with Stu Hart.

"Talking to my grandfather, listening to these stories was one of my favorite things. Just sit and talk about life and talk about all the thrilling things he has done and be ready to do," said his grandson.

"He always jokingly disagreed with Yogi Bera, because Yogi Barra is the reason that he did not make it."

Once he went to Canada, he was a high school teacher, principal and counselor in Sundar before his career in politics.

Jeremy said that he learned a lot about how to make civil discussions from his grandfather and how to become a man.

"Even though we rarely agree, the fact is that he sits and talks to me, and will teach me and teach me but he can learn from me and give me the opportunity to talk that I wanted to do," he said.

"Not only by their desire to help those people, but they were driven by their religious religion, they were impressed with their love for God." He used it as his guiding force.

Pretty Mayor Terry Leslie said that Thompson had a great impact on the city.

Lesley said, "It was an inspiration." "It is an unusual story and is an inspiration for all of us … His legacy is an extraordinary heritage, since his time as teacher and Principal, he has influenced generations of generations in the community.

"They believed and were able to see some of the best among the people that they have not seen themselves yet."

Lesley said that he believed Thompson as an adviser, and he would miss too much.

Controversial politics

Thompson was known for his tough and sometimes controversial trends on his cowboy hat and political issues. He spent less money for difficult child pornography laws, less government spending, and one of the strongest voices against same-sex marriage.

"I know the whole world that I do not appreciate homosexuals, I do not disappoint their activities, I do not condemn homosexuals, I do not like what they do, I think it's wrong. I think it is unnatural And I think it's totally immoral, "Thompson said in infamous way during a debate in the House of Commons in 1995.

In December, the town of Sunder was named after a street – Myron Thompson Way, named after Leslie said that she had a play on words to honor a strong man.

Thousands of community members gathered on their next loan.

"It was a humble man," said Leslie.

"He was a very informal but very hearty person who gave life to others for 50 years of his life."

Love, but the way you look in movies is not what you see

His grandson said that the relationship between Mayoron and his wife, Dot was refreshing, and what kind of expectations they would have when their marriage was in the 60's and 70's.

"They were always together. I did not know them in love, they did not know the kind of love you would see in movies, but it was definitely there," Jeremy said.

"It was a vague thing that you could not help but when he was together he could see."

Jeremy said that her grandfather did so much for her family and community.

"It was a bright light, bright like a light that I have ever seen … there were many struggles in her life, but she said things that she looked at because of their positivity."

He said that one of his grandfather's memories was that he never missed a holiday, always calling for a check-in. On the last day were both speaking Christmas.

A few years ago, Jeremy brought her wife to Alberta for the first time to meet her. He had not seen the snow sometimes, so his wife made a small snowball on the Panties table – something that the Mayor had received from him a serious kick.

During his last phone call, when the Mayoran was out of consciousness and outside, he told his grandson that Smyman was missing in his table – and his wife had to come to Alberta to fix it.

Thompson has his wife, Dot, two sons, Mayrone D. And Dennis, and grandchildren leave behind.

The news of Thompson's death came on the same day, because the loss of longtime alberta politician. Former MLA and chairman Jean Zuzdesky died on Sunday at the age of 70.

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