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New Captain America – Who will play after MCU?

It's time that McKinney will be sending an unreliable message to the MCU, playing the next role and allowing his character to convert to Captain America.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that Steve Rogers can be replaced by the woman on the screen, something that has happened in the comics before. If current members of the MCU are in the work, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow is a short run, although he has his own solo movie coming soon.

The second option may be Agent 13, AK Sharon Carter (Emily Vanamp). Although he did not appear Avengers: Infinite WarPeggy Carter's great niece is more suitable to be taken as a new Super Soldier, and its SHIELD training will definitely help here too – although we are not sure that Venkamp is very popular for the jump in MCU.

Peggy Carter Excels as Volume 3, Marvel Comics on Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics
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Early this year, Peggy herself was introduced as an alternate reality as Captain America, which was researched Exile Comics, but it is doubtful that Heyy Atwell returns to this character how his character died. Captain America: Civil War.

Rumors of playing a major role in the travel given at that time are rumored Avengers 4, There is also a chance that the new captain may come from the future, which is also fully connected with Marvel's Netflix heritage.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are not just on a small screen, but their comic book counterparts have given birth to a daughter named Danielle Cage who receives Captain America's title in a timeline. Adopting this story in MCU is a challenge, but it is still possible that comics are a priority for it.

Daniel Cage as Captain America

Marvel Comics

In order to draw from source material for nearly 80 years, Marvel Studios has a wide range of considerations for the future of Captain America, keeping in mind that he decides to follow comics. After all, Kevin Fez does not always stand directly with source material for the cinematic universe that he and his team has created.

Perhaps Marvel can lead inspiration instead of his closest opponents, DC, who started spearheading the idea of ​​two actors working with the same character at the same time. At the end of the day, it is extremely unlikely that Marcill will always imitate what Warner Bros Jocker did by establishing multiple movie versions of the character at the same time. While Batman's Ark Namesis has already been played by numerous stars, Captain America is one of Marvel's main assets and there is no point in reducing his brand (and introducing alternative non-MCU realities).

That is what makes us sad to accept this, it will move better after Evans' possible tragic events Avengers 4, Which leads the way for a new captain America, which represents the audience members who are rarely given the chance to become heroes in the Hollywood system.

In addition to this, Chris Evans has already completed his hand despite a Golden Retriever.

Avengers 4 In the UK on April 26, 2019 and May 3, 2019, the US Will be presented in

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