Sunday , May 9 2021

New nb Premier Energy wants to revive the East Pipeline

Frederickon – New Brunswick's new premiere is trying to revive the Energy East pipeline – even though the original supporter says the project is dead.

After making changes in the environmental evaluation process by the National Energy Board, Transcondana Corporation abandoned its $ 15.7 billion plan a year ago.

But with Premier Blaine Higgs, some other premier and federal politicians, pushing again more Western crude and refineries in Eastern Canada as a way to push the proposed pipeline to export to overseas markets.

In Ontario and Quebec this year there are also newly elected new premier, and Higgs said they believe that the Energy East can get tidy.

"Ontario has said that they do not oppose the oil coming from the province, now there is a barrier that has gone now. We know that Manitoba and Saskatchewan are good and we know Alberta is looking for a way out."

"We now show Alberta strong positions with the purchase of a rail car and say we need to bring our oil market because they lose 80 million dollars a day."

Higgs said that they could still be a hindrance to Quebec, and he plans to discuss with Premier François Leg ault this week in a meeting of the first ministers in Montreal.

"We are talking about the interplanetary trade. There are some major issues and it is one for us. It is important for our province. We need some victories," said Higgs.

Higgs said that he had discussed the Energy East with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau two weeks ago. He said that Trigou had said that if the Higgs could go next to Quebec, he would be ready to discuss this issue again.

But it can be the biggest obstacle to taking interest in Transcadena again. The company last year referred to regulatory changes and "changed circumstances" due to its cramps.

In a statement Transceaidan's communications manager Terry Kunha said that their position has not changed.

"We do not have any plans to revisit the project. We have focused on developing more than $ 36 billion in commercial safe pipeline and power generation plans, which are currently underway in North America, which include Keystone XL and Coastal Gaslink Project in BC Have written ".

Higgs said he was not surprised by the position of Calgary-based company.

"If you're spending $ 800 million and you're running around politically so that decisions are not taken, it gets delayed instead … and then suddenly all the rules bring changes in the mid-stream and then there's no way ahead of you. No, "said Higgs.

"I do not blame them. I still can not jump on the bandwagon."

However, Higgs said that he believed that if the holding company was formed which was applied to the National Energy Board and the process was well received, then Transacania may be ready to return.

Federal Conservative leader Andrew Shear is also a big energy east supporter and has said that the Federal Conservative government wants to revive this project.

Alberta Premier Russell Notley said that the restoration of the project in the last week means a lot.

He told reporters in Ottawa, "If the government can find a way to do more efficiently, our government will certainly be interested in a plan to provide the Canadian market and to take into account our projects to get other products." .

"It is quite frankly corrupt that we are selling our oil for $ 10 a barrel in Alberta and then we are importing from locations like Saudi Arabia, in eastern Canada, this is no use."

Energy would see most Western crude going to the Irving Oil Refinery in East St. John.

Higgs said that he did not discuss resurfacing with Energy Everving, where he worked for more than three decades and retired as a senior executive before entering politics.

He said, "I know that their interest will still be there as they will reduce at least 100,000 barrels per day on foreign crude, that commitment will still be there because they are still operational and they are still buying foreign crude Is there. "

But New Bruunsvik Green Leader David Kun said that Higgs needs to rotate 180 degrees – and instead focus on reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

"The World Meteorological Organization just announced a study that if we continue to follow the path, then we will now explode with the agreement of Paris and enter three to five degrees warming, which is destructive."

But a study presented in January by the Canadian Energy Research Institute – concludes that refineries in Central and Atlantic Canada will see lower supply costs and if they buy more Canadian crude oil then greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced.

It has been found in the study that, instead of Canadian oil, using the space on existing pipelines, rail cars and ocean tanks, overseas oil imports in eastern Canada will fall 47-percent-per cent, saving $ 210 million annually and equivalent to that Will be there. Two million tonnes of carbon dioxide or about 5.7 percent.

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