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NewkTeight licenses enable academic research for its novel Neurological Programming Technology

Sunvil, Calif., December 3, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Neuset, Inc., the leading neuroscience drug discovery company announced that it has signed a license agreement with the Boston Children's Hospital. As part of the agreement, Boston Children have received a non-exclusive license from the Neusette to create a transcription factor Ngn2 Program induced neurons The hospital uses this research to conduct internal research, education and educational purposes and to other educational institutions.

"We are happy to license this advantageous technology, which started with Dr Thomas Suhoff's Laboratory. Stanford University"Said Mustafa Saheen, MD, PhD, Boston Children's Translational Neuroscience Center and Human Neon Core Director and Professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School. "We hope that this technique will make us and other researchers a tool that is closer to human biology. In Vitro And become an important part of our efforts to improve human health. "

"New York has exclusive rights Stanford Originally developed for neonatal induction technology and more to include it in its ownership In Vitro Drug Discovery Platforms, "said Jonathan Davilla, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Nukty. "We are delighted to receive technology in the hands of the Boston Children's Hospital, where it can be used more for academic research. We also welcome discussions with other organizations interested in this technology."

Newcastle, Inc. About
NeuCyte is an innovative biotechnology company that focuses on developing effective medicines for the improvement of the lives of patients suffering from neurological disorders. Human-induced Pluropotamental Stem Cell (IPS) – Based on its own proprietary SinfireĀ® technology to produce defined induced neural cells, Neuseus has developed highly functional Vitro platform for target recognition and recognition, efficacy testing, neurotoxicity evaluation and disease modeling. With its extensive knowledge brought by its staff and scientific advisory board, Newcastle is actively running Drug Discovery programs to treat fragilex syndrome, epilepsy, ALS and more.

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