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News – Canadian astronaut David St-Jacques launch in space

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Scott Sutherland
Meteorologist / science writer

Sunday, December 2, 2018, 8:01 PM – Canadian astronaut David St-Jacques is ready to debut on his first adventure in space! Launch it at the International Space Station, stay here!

After more than nine years of training and expectation, the second part of the Canadian Astronaut is getting an opportunity to go into space.

David St.-Jacques – Engineer, Astrophysicist and therapist – with Jeremy Hansen, was selected in May 2009 as a Canadian Space Agency astronaut. In just hours, Saint-Jacques will be standing, for the International Space Station on the soyaq rocket, the ISS Expedition 58 crew – will be associated with NASA astronaut Anne McClain and fellow Cosmonaut Oleg Conanco's fellow members.

The Soyaz MS-11 mission is ready to start with Bikanur Cosmodrome 6:31 am Eastern Standard Time, & # 39; Speed ​​Root & # 39; to get all three ISSs. It is time to take care of all, so that they can reach their destination in just six hours.

Launch live launch coverage, by NASA TV 5:30 AM. See below!

If Launch is expected, NASA will also start live coverage of the soyuz docking process 11:45 amAnd 12:35 pm Then expire soon. EST arrival

As the approach and thoughts captured during the docking process may be spectacular (or even more) than it was during the launch, this should not be missed!

Then, from the beginning, be sure to come back one more time 1:45 pm EastCurrently, the European Space Agency's commander Alexander Gervest, NASA astronaut Serena Aun-Chancellor and Roskosmos Cosmonaut Sergey Prokopiev – are ready to welcome, to welcome their new friends, to be seen as a running crew on the ISS board. East.

Early flight

This flight for the space was just a few minutes before Saint-Jacques, McCain and Conninko!

Originally, the Soyaz MS-11 was expected to be launched in the ISS on December 20. 20 October 11, however, with the failure of the launch of the MS-10 launch, American astronaut Nick Hague and Russian astronaut were to be taken. Alexey Ochchinnen on his mission in space, moved to the timetable for the next launch.

Fortunately, when Hague and Owichinin broke the soyaz rocket, they safely returned to the ground, but their absence from the station caused untimely conditions, as Gervest, Anon-Chancellor and Prokopiv were originally due to leave the ISS on December 13.

If left on three schedules, the station will remain inactive for at least one week – something has not happened after the station established on November 2, 2000.

To avoid this, the people who were currently at the station stayed in the first place, until they were not launched to transfer the new crew. If the investigation in the MS-10 accident has been long enough, three can stay longer than the certificates of their soyahe capsule, encourages contingency plans, such as to use a blank capsule for their return to the station. If necessary, on Earth.

Although the MS-10 accident was quickly detected, Rosscosmos was able to move forward, due to a slight change in the launch and landing schedule. So far, if everything is planned from here, then Saint-Jacques, McCain and Connnco are ready to launch on the ISS on December 3, and Gervest, Anon-Chancellor and Prokopiv will return to Earth on December 20, just a few A few days before the capsule's certificate expires.

Sources: NASA | CBC | With files from The Weather Network

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