Sunday , May 16 2021

Noam Dar says that UK UK shows talent pool depth

– Noam Dard talked to The Sunday Post for a new interview for discussions about the relationship between the NXT UK, WWW's ICW and more. Highlights are below:

On the executive relationship with WWE's ICW "I think these promotions like ICW are important for showing and displaying [outside of] WWE and especially now there is a great working relationship. I think it's a token of the WWW's ICW gratitude; To allow singers to come back and perform there to come back and help. I think it's really important for the company's development and we are, personally, really good to get these opportunities. "

UK UK on WWE using local UK talent in the UK in the UK: "It shows how much the depth of the roster in the UK is and how much is demanded. People want to come to this big show and watch these guys from Scotland in the UK and pay for the ICW's Roster Members for good years, because to see them People saw twice on the telly.

At 205 Live: "The experience of myself and some other cruisites in WWE has been very unique, we essentially went to the main roster, then on the road and then on our own show 205 Live. There are other opportunities from there. The learning experience is ten times the amount of knowledge you are taking Amount of that. Hopefully I will continue to make everything better and will continue to do so. "

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