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If the mill is easily compulsory in 2020, the northern pulp will be ultimately decided by the courts in the province's hook for lost profits.

This will be implemented on Jan 31st 2020. On Wednesday the Northern Pulp admitted that the lawmaker's decision to shut down Boat Harbor was to be passed.

"We wish in the self-reliant, waste management system, in advance of the expiry date," said Kathi Clauter, director of the Northern Pulp, the owner of Paper Excellence Corporate Communications.

"We have to face the delay."

The garden that drains into the Normaleberland strain, with millimages of 85 million liters per day, is the bones of the bones.

The pictured landing film nation and association representing 3,000 fishermen, Nico Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, will block all of the encroaching encroachment.

Surrounded by a fishing boat around fishing boats, they went to Pikork in Pikork. Fishermen were injured in the fishermen protesting against the North Pulp project.
Fishing boats are surrounded by a survey boat. Earlier this month, they were forced to return to Pierre C in Pictor and the fishermen were not allowed to cook fishermen to oppose the northern pulp project.

This summer, the glaciers found in the shore of the shore pass through the Aber Krom Point Mill to see a pipeline near the town of Peacock, this summer's way. Sharp near the Caribou Wood Islands Ferry.

According to Clotyre, Milk Milk is not prepared for environmental pollution until January, and it will not be completed before the end of the project's deadline.

"The Department of Environment is waiting for any potential request, and we hope that some dialogue will be done between us."

– Transport and Infrastructure Renovation Minister Ian Rankin

However, in 1995 when the contract with Milma's former owners was signed, the service distribution minister Gerald Omalli was in the Income Tax Department. Taxpayers "including liabilities, losses, claims, needs, activities, causes of damage, damages, (unlimited profits, consequential losses, interest penalties, fines and financial sanctions) as a result of the construction or reconstruction of the building or directly or indirectly."

This facility is Boat Harbor, a province designed for millennium behind the Pitroe Landing Film Nanny in 1972.

The province's boat harbors originate but is leased to the mill under an expiry of 2030.

The Boat Harbor Act was introduced in 2015. In order to overcome a boat called picto landing film nation, milk may need to restart. The next boat Harbor will ask about 2020 and 3120 by population.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Rankin told The Chronicle Herald whether provinces could make a deal. "If it's legal, it's legal, but we're not there yet."

He did not say whether the province could be responsible for profits or expenses for lost profits. He admitted that the taxpayers are responsible for ending the lease in the boat harbor.

We are ready to hold a meeting with the company about what compensation will be paid on the company's new waste management plant, "he said.

It's already about 200 million dollars

A $ 200 million budget was created for the clean up of the boat harbor.

Rancín said he did not disclose what figures the taxpayers would give for new facilities.

The northern pulp does not expect the bear to carry.

"We always respect the provincial business dealings," he said.

Meanwhile, the company still continues to prepare a new waste treatment line. The fate of the Northern Pulp has been stopped by the surveillance boat on its everest assessment earlier this month.

Unable to complete the survey, Cloutier said a mill will be submitted for "highly data like compilation" environmental review.

He said that there is no settlement in the province to solve the dispute against pipe and milk.

"The company is in charge of dialogue with society and fashion," said Rannin.

"The Environment Department is awaiting any possible application and we hope to have some critical discussions."

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